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Air Access 12
« on: March 01, 2022, 03:57:01 PM »
Welcome to the Air Access 12 forums.  You you will find information as well as the official download for the Air Access 12 project.

The concept of this project is to make the functionality of the X-Air XR12 accessible through the means of a more screen reader friendly user interface.  For more information on how AOSC  works, please see  AOSC post.

This project works under Windows with NVDA and Narrator, under Linux Wine, and may work under Apple Wine, but has not been tested.  There are no current plans for apple support.

The zip package contains a group of files that were designed to work with AOSC.

Please read the EULA.txt and ReadMe.txt files contained within the zip package before using.

Here's a playlist of videos to help you get acquainted with Air Access 12:
The videos were made using the Air Access 18 template, but it's very similar.

You can find and download the zip package here:;sa=downfile&id=87

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forums.

Updated 2022.03.21
Current version is Version 1.7.

Change Log:
- Tap Tempo has been added to any "Delay" based effects.  pressing "space" on "time" fader activates this function.
- Alt+T is now a global shortcut for tap temop, and will only apply if a Delay based effect is loaded.  IF more than one is loaded, the shortcut will apply to the highest numbered slot.
- Added an input meter in Gate page next to threshold.
- Moved FX Processing meters to Parameters page
- Added a dedicated Main section for extra controls such as mute groups, Automix controls, and solo claring

- Added shortcuts to "Configure" pages
- Fixed Reduction meters on Gate and Compression pages.
- Aux Input has it's own section

- Added keyboard shortcuts
- Some names have been changed for clearer understanding.

- Added the ability to name Main LR strip.
- Added Clearsolo button on Main LR Strip
- All Input pages have been renamed to "Configure".
- Configure" page has been renamed to "System"
- Channel strip Color, Name, Mute Group, DCA Group, LInking, and any preamp and headamp configurations  are under respected strip's "Configure" page.
- General organization of "Routing" section.

- Removed unused parameters in Master Compressor
- Added a Master Bus fader to bus mix sections.
- Added Aux Send output Meter to Bus mix section

Updated EULA and Readme files
Fixed small bugs in XML
Organized templates in XML

- Fixed Typos
- Changed FX Routing from Return/Insert to Return/SideChain to better fit the original terms.

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