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Welcome to the MXAccess32 forums.  You you will find information as well as the official download for the MXAccess32 project.

The concept of this project is to make the functionality of the Behringer X32 and Midas M32 accessible through the means of a more screen reader friendly user interface.  For more information on how AOSC  works, please see  AOSC post.
You must have latest version of AOSC in order for this project to work properly.

Currently, this project runs under Windows with Non-Visual Desktop Access, and Narrator screen readers.  IT also works under WIne for Linux, but has not been tested in Apple Mac and Apple support is not currently planned.

The zip package contains a group of files that were designed to work with AOSC.

Please read the EULA.txt and ReadMe.txt files contained within the zip package before using.

You can find and download the zip package here:;sa=downfile&id=86

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forums.

Updated 2022.11.29
Current Version: 1.13

Change Log:
Mute Groups has dedicated page.
You can now manually assigncomponents to the mute groups, via check boxes, under the mute group pages.
You can now manually assign components  to DCA groups, via check boxes, under DCA pages.
Keyboard Shortcuts is updated.
Added folder with AOSC compatible presets with current layout.

- Changed "Solo" section name to "Monitor"
Added Polarity inversion on Main and Aux outputs as well as AES Outputs
Corrected some typos found throughout the app.

Added ability to select FX Home screen and change all 8 fx on FX Root tree directory.
Added console Config screen on channel config pages
Moved USer Bank selection to USer Assigned controls scection, and cleaned up section to display selected bank.
Added console FX screen selection on FX pages.
Changed shortcut key for INput selection to Ctrl+U on input selection for channel and aux in pages.

Added ability to name console
Moved Remote I/O to dedicated section with proper format, and included X Touch over Mid and X Touch over Ethernet functions.

Added "User Drfined Controls" section.  This particular implentation allows yoiuy to manually input the value for the user defined control.  YOu can find the values in the Unofficial X32  guide.

- Typos in coding corrected for some channels
- Linking identified for auxiliary and fx return strips

- Fixed Global Master Volume shortcut.
- Added full names for EQ band types.
- Clearified some labels within the X-Live section

- Userbank Selection is now possible.  You can determine if the UserBank screen is selected, as well as choose what userbank you want to choose.
- Global shortcuts for Mute Groups 1 through 6

- Added X-Live card page with controls and configuration sub page.
(Available number of sessions/markers per session, Currently selected session/Marker, Jump to and delete session/marker edit boxes, play, stop, pause, record, card info, error message, card format, and many other options)
- Added additional keyboard shortcuts for X-Live controls.
- Added Alt+Shift+L global shortcut to view and change system lock status.

- MixBus Mute and Send To options under Mixbus Section of Main LR and M/C mixes.
- Minor fixes

- User Assigned Input Routing is now possible.
- User Assigned Output Routing is now possible.
- Assigned XLR input is now visible on Channel and Auxiliary Configure page if available.
- Channel assigned Gain and Phantom controls are now visible on Channel and Aux Configure pages
- Input meters are available on Bus and Matrix Configure pages
- Removed Headamp section from navigation Tree since it's available on Strip configure pages.
- Removed Pan section from Mixbus Mix pages (was causing conflicts).
- Updated Keyboard shortcuts.

- Included a Input meter on channel gate pages
- Added Keysolo function on gate and compression pages
- Implemented channel ID selection on strips
-- Added Sconsole screen selections on gate, compression and eq pages.
- Updated and changed some shortcutsw
- All Ctrl+ Function keys have been moved up by one to make room for Ctrl+F2 for Channel ID Selection.
- Added shortcuts to gate and compression filtere and filter types
- Re-arranged some controls in the compression pages
- Added tap tempo to all delays that ere initially missing function.

- Added Meters
- Added "Channel ID" and "Fader Bank" options
- USB Recorder is working
- Added Tap Tempo to "Delay" effects, global shortcut available.
- Added and updated shortcuts
- Added Talkback Routing sections
- Updated Icons list
- Mix pages are pages rather than a dropdown
- Output Polarity available in routing
- Console Initialization is now in Preferences

Initial Release

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