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Preset for the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

Since none of the DAW presets in the Oxygen Pro 61 controller would worked as is, I modified the bitwig preset and made one that works with AZ Controller. Specifically, the knobs (rotaries) didn't work as Mackie controls so I changed them to CCs. You must use the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 Preset Editor to load the preset in the UserDaw slot on your Oxygen Pro 61 controller for this AZ Controller plugin preset to work as expected. I didn't find a way to make the UserDaw the default DAW preset, you will have to change to it at every power on of your Oxygen Pro 61 controller unfortunately.


* Faders control track or bus faders depending on WAI focus
* Knobs control pan and work very well with the knob center being the center of the pan in Cakewalk (nice!)
* Rec, Mute and Solo buttons work as expected for tracks and busses
* Select button: I have mapped it to input echo for tracks and it toggles waveform preview for busses by default
* Bank buttons moves the WAI 8 tracks or busses focus by -8 or +8
* Encoder knob moves the WAI 8 tracks or busses focus by -1 or +1 (nice!)
* Back button is mapped to undo (quicker than the shift-Undo pad, but that works too)
* Fader 9 controls both left and right of the first output strip (not the master, just the output for overall volume without affecting the mix)
* The two buttons on the right of the pads control the WAI focus. The top one puts the focus on the tracks and the bottom one on the busses
* The buttons v and ^ (shift-<< and shift->>) also changes the focus to tracks and busses (until I find better use for them!)
* Stop, play, record, <<, >> and loop buttons work as expected
* Shift Pad 15 (view) didn't do nothing, so I mapped it to show/hide the Inspector (that is done in the controller's preset)

* Download and install latest AZ Controller plugin
* Connect and power up your Oxygen Pro 61 controller
* Download the attachments and rename 'Cakewalk.OxygenPro61DawPreset.bin' to 'Cakewalk.OxygenPro61DawPreset'
* Using the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 Preset Editor, load 'Cakewalk.OxygenPro61DawPreset' and send it to your controller
* Make sure the DAW preset 'Cakwalk' is selected on your controller, it's the last preset in the list
* Start Cakewalk and load a Project
* In 'Preference / Control Surfaces', add an AZ Controller and use 'MIDIIN3 (Oxygen Pro 61)' for ports
* Use 'Utilities / Cakewalk Plugin Manager' and import 'M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61.spp' for AZ Controller
* Use 'Utilities / AZ Controller - 1' and select preset 'M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61'
As I use it, I may change some assignements and/or add new ones. I will update this post if I do. Comments on what could be improved are welcomed.



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