Author Topic: [Bassman] Preset for NovationLaunchControl XL II(Now really finished)  (Read 5995 times)

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Newest Files: (06-27-2021)!Al2mKojzOW0Mp6cltmQ69wjk2fKl0A

Please look at "Latest Changes" for new things/changes!

IMPORTANT: For not to reset the Controller when playback Stop:
In the preferences-->Midi-->Instruments-->Port/All Channels of the Controller-->Define--> Import LaunchControlXL.ins
Now this Controller is not resetted on Settings--> Project-->More Midi-->"Reset Controller when playback stop" enabled.

Preset for the Novation LaunchControl XL MKII. All commands are described in the PDF.

More than 600 Parameter can be controlled at the moment, without ACT!

Uses 4 Userpresets from Launch control. Upload it with the editor to the Controller.(Preset 1-4)

Please give some feedback on this huge preset. It will take time to try all out!

Have fun;)

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Re: [Bassman] Preset for NovationLaunchControl XL II (Finished!!!)
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Huge work man... I can just judge by AZ Display and preset itself :)

One comment so. I have notice some "blinking" on Display, so I have checked and you reset some monitors from themselves. So effectively you are updating all the time, even when nothing was changed (I guess some SysEx are also sent continuously). Was that designed on purpose?