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Arturia Keylab 61 Essential
« on: November 30, 2019, 10:23:26 PM »
Hi guys.  So I'm not the world's greatest geek,  so I confess some of the technicalities can go over my head.  That said,  I'm pretty good and finding my way around configurations and I'm plenty tenacious.  I got an Arturia Keylab 61 Essential.  My old Roland Fantom X6 wasn't supported as a MIDI controller on Windows 10 once I built my new DAW computer.  I got the Keylab because of all the cool rotors and faders.

However,  while I'm able to get the music keys and the mod wheels to work,  for the life of me,  I can't get ANYTHING else to work with Cakewalk and/or AZSlow.  I have tried and tried to configure it,  but I'm at a dead end.  When trying to teach AZSlow various functions,  I can't get it to even see the Last MIDI events of any of the rotaries, sliders,  transport controls,  etc.  The ONLY thing AZSlow sees is when I depress music keys.  I have tried both HUI mode and Mackie mode (using the MIDI control configuration software that came with the Keylab). 

Any chance anyone has any idea what I might be doing wrong?  Is there any chance of getting this controller to be able to control the rest of my DAW/plugins?


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Re: Arturia Keylab 61 Essential
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 10:30:25 AM »
You should not see key events in AZ Controller. That means you are using wrong ports. Arturia should have 2 pairs of "MIDI IN/OUT", according to the documentation, the second one is named "MIDIIN2 / MIDIOUT2". Use these (after enabling in MIDI preferences) for control surfaces.