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Komplete Kontrol mk2 preset
« on: August 04, 2019, 02:48:13 PM »
Since Native Instruments implemented MCU a few weeks ago, I looked into making a preset for Komplete Kontrol S MK2 series keyboards to work as they usually work in other DAWs.

I didn't manage to make the same mapping cause some controls are not sending any MIDI command at all, and some things I just couldn't figure it out, but it does work for the most part.

I'm attaching the preset, and a brief explanation of what each control does.

Undo/RedoUndo Action
Undo/Redo (Shift)Redo Action
QuantizeOpens Quantize menu
AutoToggle Automation write
LoopToogle Loop in current selection
MetroToggle Play Metronome
TempoOpens Tempo Settings
Play/RestartStart/Pause Playback
Play/Restart (Shift)Restart Playback
Rec/Count-inToggle recording
Rec/Count-in (Shift)Toggle Rec Metronome
StopStops play/rec at current position
Page Left/RightSwitch bank of controlled tracks
ClearClears selection
Buttons 1-8 (top of screens)Selects track in the current bank
Button + MutePuts track in Mute
Button + SoloPuts track in Solo
Knobs 1-8 (bottom of screens)Modifies Volume of track
Encoder Up/Down (Track context)Selects prev or next track
Encoder Left/Right (Track context)Selects prev or next clip
Encoder Left/Right (Console context)Selects prev or next track
Encoder TurnMoves playhead
Encoder Turn + SHIFT Horizontal Zoom
Encoder PressSelects clip under playhead on active track
Encoder Press + SHIFTChanges Knobs function between Volume and Pan