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SynthMaster Player
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:07:24 PM »
SynthMaster player is a synth from KB331 Audio. This overlay is developed with Free version of it, but it should also works with payed.

Functionality coverage
Preset loading, settings, control names.

The interface is split into groups. The first control is a group switch, change the group by Left and Right keys. Then Tab throw controls in the group.
  • Presets group.
    • The first control audition current preset and allows switching the preset with arrows. Press Enter for pop-up menu where you can select recently used presets.
    • Search box. Press enter to edit and enter when finished editing. The preset list will be filtered by name using entered string. Note that filtering does not change current preset, just the list.
  • Controls group has one control panel. Switch between controls using Left and Right keys, modify the value by Up and Down keys. Note that current version can not audition the value. Also X and Y controls can not be changed. These controls are exposed as parameters, so using OSARA you can change them and read values. For orientation, Sibiac announce control numbers which you get in OSARA as "Easy" parameter.
  • Settings. The first control allows audition and change different settings. Switch between settings with Left and Right keys, press enter to open pop-up menu with possible values.

Development in progress. New features will be added.