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Melodyne in Sonar (from CW forum)
« on: October 28, 2017, 09:07:10 PM »
Quote from: SMcNamara

But as to your original comment to exclude certain folders, I assume this is general advice and does not help explain the significant time differences between Sonar and S1 -- correct?

I guess that exclusion is what can eliminate OP difference, I have tried myself and got almost the same difference between excluded and not excluded settings (in Sonar vs standalone).



Oh, and where is the Melodyne cache???

I have mentioned that in the first post. The folder is specified in Melodyne preferences, "Recording".


To really see what and when can slow down something, when you observe something actively access the disk (so, for Melodyne, Sonar or anything else):

1) start Windows Resource Monitor

2) switch to Disk tab, you should see what and how much is reading/writing

(I use German windows, so "Resource Monitor" and "Disk tab" is my translation from what I see, can be spelled different)


In case of Melodyne, after 50%, it is possible to see that it creates huge number of files in its cache folder.

In case of Windows Defender, if the folder/process is not excluded, the process "MsMpEng.exe" (Defender scanner) is also accessing these files, causing massive slow down. For other Antivirus/antimalware, the picture should be similar, just with another scanner executable.


I am not sure that both, the process and the folder, are required. But I normally exclude both. That is obviously a security risk, but much lower then switching the protection off completely (I do not think Sonar nor Melodyne are sufficient popular to be common malware target...)