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[azslow3] Tap Tempo
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:39:55 PM »
Note: AZ Controller v0.5.r5b371 or later is required to use this preset, currently TEST version

You can check the beginning of that video for generic installation procedure. Or read the documentation,3.0.html ("Installation instructions" and "Quick start").

1. Download and install the latest AZ Controller (;sa=view;down=28) .
2. Install attached preset using Cakewalk Plug-in Manager (from Utilities menu).
3. Add AZ Controller to Control Surfaces, set MIDI input to you device.
5. Select the preset (Tap tempo) in AZ Controller (when updating preset, do not forget to "reselect" it after installing).

1. Open AZ Controller preferences, change to the "Hardware" tab.
2. Press the button you are going to us for tapping (on hardware). You should see what message it is sending in the "Last MIDI Event". If there are no messages here, check MIDI routing, hardware preferences, MIDI devices and Control Surfaces in Sonar preferences.
4. Press "Assign MIDI" (if later you want use another button, press "Forget MIDI", new button on the device, "Assign MIDI" again)

Start tapping, when nothing is tapped for ~1 sec, the tempo is set.