Author Topic: Novation Launch Control XL please.....  (Read 5571 times)

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Novation Launch Control XL please.....
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:58:02 PM »
Have been playing with some of the options available to support this, and none of them do it all. The HUI option covers a lot, but the Novation implementation seems to not send any signals from Send A and Send B encoders, or the Send Select buttons (which could be useful for something) plus the Device button which supposedly changes the mode of the Pan to be Send A.... does not seem to do anything (although don't especially like this option anyway- would far rather have SHIFT available and use this as the SHIFT key) and the Track Focus buttons don't seem to do anything.

A similar capability using standard MIDI mapping (maybe the default factory settings) but without using the HUI option would probably be ideal.

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Re: Novation Launch Control XL please.....
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 07:47:58 AM »
HUI / Mackie Control / etc. are just conventions what each control on particular device sends (or can receive). DAW side program adopting particular device layout.
Launch Control XL controls barely intersect with controls available on HUI (endless encoders, motor faders, much more buttons).

The layout of the device does not make it good universal DAW controller. Since knobs are not encoders, it is better to give them particular required functions. I mean with user specific setup covering particular needs, the device can be very useful. But with any "general" approach, it is just a simple basic controller.

Creating the mapping takes time. This time is proportional to the complexity of the mapping. You can use Startup preset to set basics (Volume/Pan/one row of strip buttons since you probably want another row for not strip controls like transport). That will take 10-20 minutes. Adding another 2 rows of knobs for particular purpose (f.e. Sends, current Plug-in  control, dedicated to ProChannel) takes another 10-20 minutes. Making strip buttons row "switchable" (mute/solo/rec.arm/echo/etc.) - another 10-20 minutes. So basic mapping is under 1 hour for me (for you it will take another 1-2 hours to learn how to do this).
But anything above that, like LED feedbacks, complicated switching of modes with shift, can extend the time required to days and sometimes even weeks.

So, I can help you with setting things initially, with basic configuration, tips for extended configurations, answer on questions how particular functionality can be achieved (including implementing in your preset). But since (a) I do not have the device, have no plans to get it and I do not think that is a good general controller (b) I am not pro studio engineer, so I do not know "the best" layout (c) that requires significant time investment:  I am not going to create a generic Sonar preset for the device on my own. Sorry.