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[AZ, michaylasaph] Roland SI-24
« on: July 02, 2016, 08:37:43 PM »
This preset is for Roland SI-24 device in the L5/Sonar mode. Control labels are referenced as original/sonar overlay in bold, for example PAUSE/RTZ, when different in these 2 layouts.
In general, I try to mimic the original Roland plug-in functionality, described in: But there are some significant changes.

Watch the beginning of this video if you have problems following the instructures

 * Close Sonar
 * Install AZ Controller (download required version and run installer)
 * Download attached ".SPP" file
 * Start Sonar
 * From "Utilities" Sonar menu, start "CakeWalk Plug-in Manager", select "Control Surfaces", "AZ Controller", "Import..." and choose SPP file.
 * In Sonar Preferences / Control Surfaces add "AZ Controller" with both Input and Output set to your SI-24
 * From Utilities menu, open AZ Controller preferences, select "Roland SI-24" preset (top left corder)
 * Put SI-24 into Sonar more (System + L5/Sonar)


Transport section
STOP - stop transport
PLAY - start/pause playback
REC - start recording (some track should be armed)
PAUSE/RTZ - rewind to the start of the project
REW, FF - navigate by measures
Jog dial - navigate by beats (1) is that ok? I can set it to any unit

Select which strip type SI-24 should control
INPUT/TRACK - tracks
OUTPUT/MAIN - hardware outputs
BUS - buses
(3) is that correct order in the original plug-in, I mean does "BUS" control buses?

Tr1-12/PREV. BANK - control previous 12 strips
Tr13-24/NEXT BANK - control next 12 strips

(4) check that these buttons are working and current type is indicated with LED

Fader 1-12
Control strips volume

(5) check that faders are moving correctly, not "fighting" with finger when there is an automation, not "jumping" after finger release

Master fader
Control output volume.

Status mode and status buttons
MUTE - status buttons control/indicate Mute, Orange means the strip is muted
SOLO - status buttons control/indicate Solo, Green means the strip is solo
REC/PLAY - status buttons control/indicate Record Arm, Red means the strip is armed
AUTOMIX - status buttons control/indicate Automation Record Arm, Red means that strip parameters are armed for automation

CH SELECT buttons
CH SELECT focus strip in Sonar, making it "current". The name of current track is highlighted in the track and console view. The Inspector in Sonar and EQ/SENT/PLUG-IN control modes of SI-24 are operating with that current strip.
Note 1: that it is not the same as "selecting strips", which are indicated by highlighted strip number (can be several)
Note 2: EQ/SEND and PLUG-IN are operating with actual focused in Sonar strip, also focused by other means than SI-24 (mouse, other surfaces)

PAN Knobs 1-12
When not in EQ/SEND nor it PLUG-IN modes (both buttons do not light), knobs control corresponding strip PAN

EQ/SEND Button
EQ/SEND switch Knobs 1-12 and EQ buttons 1-4 into special mode. When this button lights, pressing it return knobs into PAN mode.

In EQ/SEND mode:
* knobs 1-8 control GAIN/FREQ and EQ buttons control Band On/Off (see labeling on SI-24) for Sonar ProChannel EQ. EQ buttons indicate either the band is enabled. Bands controlled are: LF, LMF, HMF and MF
* knobs 9-12 control Sends 1-3 Level.

Note 1: Only ProChannel EQ can be controlled that way, to modify parameters in other EQ types, use PLUG-IN mode
Note 2: EQ of current focused strip is controlled (shown in the Sonar Track Inspector). The strip can be different from previously selected from SI-24 in case the focus was changed by other methods (mouse, other surface).

PLUG-IN Button
PLUG-IN switch knobs into ACT Dynamic mapping mode. When this button lights, pressing it return knobs into PAN mode.

EQ buttons 1-4 focus and open interface for FX Bin plug-ins 1-4 in current focused strip. Otherwise last focused plug-in is controlled (can be unrelated to current focused strip).

When that mode is entered, AZ Display is shown on top of all other windows. It will be automatically closed once you leave PLUG-IN mode. The display shows controlled plug-in name, parameter names and values corresponding to mapped knobs 1-12. You can configure the display by change colors, font and the size of each cell. I do not recommend changing "Rows", "Columns" and "Groups" since the preset relay on currently set values. To reconfigure display, while in PLUG-IN mode with some plug-in in focus, open AZ Controller preferences ("Utilities" / "AZ Controller - 1"), switch to the "Options" Tab and press "Configure" button in the "Display" section.

Note 1: to understand how ACT Dynamic mapping is working and to avoid problems with it, follow,13.0.html
Note 2: while only one from the first 4 FX Bin plug-ins of the current focused strip can be focused directly from SI-24, you can control any Sonar plug-in, including Synth and ProChannel modules. You will need to focus the plug-in using mouse. The plug-in stay focused (and so controlled in PLUG-IN mode) independent from strip selection, till it is removed from the project or other plug-in is focused.
Note 3: ProChannel EQ controlled in EQ/Send mode is not focused in terms of ACT Dynamic mapping. You can switch between these modes without changing focused plug-in.

That is simple but powerful Cakewalk technology which exists for long time. Many other companies have broad advertised "new technologies" to control plug-ins from surfaces, while in practice the result is almost the same as with ACT Dynamic mapping. Two weak points of Cakewalk way: rather incomplete documentation and several long existing bugs, most of them can be avoided using AZ ACT Fix linked in the Note 1

Command buttons 0-9
Command buttons 0-9 (on top of Transport section) have 3 different functions depending on the mode.

MARKER/LOCATE button set LOCATE mode (default):
 * [1] Specify the Now time as the time from which a selection extends.
 * [2] Specify the Now time as the time through which a selection extends.
 * [3] Set loop to selection.
 * [4] Loop on/off.
 * [5] Set the Now time to the end of the project.
 * [6] Set the Now time to the From time.
 * [7] Set the Now time to the Thru time.
 * [8] Set the Now time to the previous marker.
 * [9] Set the Now time to the next marker.
 * [0] Insert a marker at the Now time (during playback) or a specified location.

SHORT CUT button set SHORT CUT mode:
 * [1] File - Save
 * [2] Edit - Undo
 * [3] Edit - Copy
 * [4] Edit - Paste
 * [5] Edit - Delete
 * [6] Open related help topic.
 * [7] Edit - Redo
 * [8] Enable/disable automation playback.
 * [9] Hides all tracks which are not selected.
 * [0] Undo track zoom.

SCREEN SET/VIEW button set VIEW mode:
 * [1] Open Piano Roll View
 * [2] Open Event List View
 * [3] Open Browser
 * [4] Open Loop Construction View
 * [5] Open Matrix View
 * [6] Open Staff View
 * [7] Open Video View
 * [8] Open Big Time View
 * [9] Next tab
 * [0] Close current tab

Note 1: while it is possible to change anything in the preset, that in general requires some knowledge about AZ Controller presets language. But changing any assigned to the command buttons operation is relatively easy:
1) open AZ Controller preferences ("Utilities" / "AZ Controller - 1")
2) switch to the "Logic" Tab
3) in the "Logical Control" drop box select some Command Button (toward the end of the list), for example "(Ch:1 CC:75) 1 : " (the information in brackets is the MIDI message corresponding button sends, so look the name after the brackets).
4) select one from 3 actions, corresponding to the mode, for example "'FuncMode: Short Cut'  - Command". So we are going to change action for button 1 in mode "Short Cut"
5) in the lower part, in "Action configuration" section, under box with "Command", you can select any other command (in our example, it shows "<Menu>"). Alternatively, change "Command" to "Keyboard" and select some key (with possible modifiers).
All changes in the preset are immediate! If you make modifications, use "Presets" section in the top of the window to save/restore presets. It is easy to unintentionally break the preset, but as long as you have a good working backup, that should not be a problem.

In case the preset is fixed/updated, I update this post instead of creating new one

Change log:
05.07.2016 - Master fader is changed to Output
03.07.2016 - The resolution of encoders is changed, "Play" and "Rec" are both lit during recording.
02.07.2016 - Initial (untested) version
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Re: Roland SI-24 Control Surface
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Re: [AZ, michaylasaph] Roland SI-24
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Arról szól, hogy az [AZ, michaylasaph] Rolland SR-24 nagyon részletes.

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Re: [AZ, michaylasaph] Roland SI-24
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Arról szól, hogy az [AZ, michaylasaph] Rolland SR-24 nagyon részletes.

Google translate it as "It is about the [AZ, michaylasaph] Rolland SR-24 very detailed.". Not sure that is a statement or a question  ;)