Author Topic: Changing/selecting tracks with rotor  (Read 2733 times)

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Changing/selecting tracks with rotor
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:47:56 AM »

I have a Behringer X-Touch mini.
My plan is to use it in a "strip mode", so all the buttons and rotors are used on a single ACTIVE strip.

I would like to be able to change/select/focus tracks fastly with the first rotor and I can't figure it out how to do it.

So rotating it left would select/focus one track up, while rotating it right would select one track down from the active track. Rotating it more would go further up or down and so on.

Can you please help me out?

Tnx for the great plugin!

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Re: Changing/selecting tracks with rotor
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2016, 11:22:11 AM »
If you have already mapped preset for controls, you can attach it there and I can modify it for functions you need (the process can be iterative...).
Otherwise you can try yourself with the following idea:
1) define software set "_Direction" with 2 states: "Down" and "Up"
2) in the encoder action list:
 * "Set state" "_Direction" "<Map MIDI value>"
       - that will set "_Direction" to "Down" when you turn right (since MIDI value is 1 in this case) or "Up" (MIDI value 64, from 0-127 range)
 * "_Direction:Down" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "+1"
       - "_Direction:Down" is an "Action condition". If you want to work with current strip, also buses, there is additional procedure. So, this variation will work with tracks only
 * "_Direction:Up" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "-1"
       - the same, just different direction ("-1" instead of "+1"). The best way is "Copy/Paste", change condition and shift.
 * "Function" "Select strip"
      - that will focus the strip we have "selected" within AZCtrl.

Note that in addition to mentioned Track/Bus tracking, there is yet another refinement possible in case your XTouch sends different values depending on the speed you turn the knob (you can check that with "Last MIDI event"). If that is the case you it works reliable, you can use "Value" system software state instead of "_Direction". In that case you do not need first "Set state" action, but more selecting actions. For "Down", it will be:
* "Value:1" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "+1"
* "Value:2" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "+2"
* "Value:3" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "+3"
* "Value:4" - "Strip" "Track" "<Current>" "+4"
and so on (check which maximum value you get when you turn the encoder as fast as your can).
And the same for the opposite direction.

There are also other possible refinements...

All that can sound rather complicated for you at the moment, but that is the price for the flexibility AZCtrl provides. And you still have an option just to attach your preset, writes what you want and I will will change it for you. That takes several seconds once you used to it, but the learning curve is steep...