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AZ Controller 0.5r0
« on: April 29, 2016, 05:11:12 PM »
Please visit the documentation section in case you have never installed this plug-in before.

Download it now

There should be no Ads, spies or other nasty parts in this download. The installer does not try to connect to the Internet. If you see such a warning from your OS, stop the installation/use immediately. The DLL can theoretically write a log file into its own folder, but that should not happened with releases. If you turn on OSC in the AZ Controller preferences or load a preset with OSC turned on, AZ Controller is acting as a network server. You can get related warning from your firewall software. Even in this mode AZ Controller does not try to communicate with the Internet, while it will start respond to OSC Clients messages

This is the only place where you can get the original AZ Controller for sure. The license allows coping/distributing it unchanged, but I am not responsible for distributors misbehavior. 

Changelog (b320 - b322)
  • NEW: "No project" Context state, operations are no longer blocked when there is no loaded project
  • FIX: more accurate strip changes detection

Changelog (b318 - b320)
  • NEW: Duplicate existing Hardware control (with context and logical controls, without assignments)
  • FIX: some changes in strip configuration was not detected properly

Changelog (b314 - b318)
  • FIX: memory corruption bug
  • NEW: last hardware control value can be sent throw OSC
  • NEW: hardware control value can be monitored
  • OBSOLETE: ACT mapping XML files processing from the plug-in, use AZ ACT Fix instead
  • CHANGE: Long OSC addressed in the Hardware tab
  • CHANGE: the number of ACT parameters per type is increased from 100 to 499

Changelog (b312 - b314)
  • NEW: 2 new functions, Solo/Unsolo all Record Armed tracks

Changelog (since 0.4r2)
  • OSC
  • FIX: Parameter value monitor was not called on ACT changes when the parameter numeric value stay unchanged
  • FIX: Parameter monitor was not called for "Unknown" parameter
  • FIX: Text Action was not executed in the control list during monitoring
  • CHANGE: Marker indication is more logical now, till the first marker there is no marker, GoTo Previous really does that (not to current under some conditions as before)
  • Initial GUI creation speedup
  • HUI Time display support
  • In Level Monitor it is possible to separate stereo channels
  • Support newest Sonar version
  • FIX: loopback CC14 sending
  • CHANGE: all ACT XML files are formatted in case related option is used from "Tweak..." drop box
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