Author Topic: how to assign HW Button switch On/Off buttons to <Logic> S1 Mute:  (Read 3639 times)

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my NOVATION Impulse Keyboard has Mute On/Off switch buttons (0=OFF, 127=On).
how can i define a switch button, which uses HW button value?
with <Logic> "toggle" i have to press Mute button twice to switch mute

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Duplicate the action set, but add "Note: Off" condition. For example, if you have:
1) Track current Mute
2) Toggle value
3) Note:Off - Track current Mute
4) Note:Off - Toggle value

Plug-in detect "Note off" and normally does nothing on it (most buttons are momentary, so that is "awaited"). Note, that in case the signal is "CC", or "Note: On Value 0", you can just switch "Hardware type" to let say "Slider" to get the same effect (rotaries and sliders use Value 0 as normal). But in case you really getting "Note Off" MIDI message, described addition is the only way.

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Thank's for reply!
Yes, it works  8)