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Produced in cooperation with Watercourse.

The preset is included into release version

Preset should work out of the box.

How to use it:

* Install AZ Controller plug-in first (download the latest released version mentioned in the News section).
* Configure Faderport MIDI Input/Output in SONAR as described in its documentation. But do not proceed with the original Faderport plug-in
* Insert AZ Controller in the "Control Surfaces" section of SONAR preferences and attach Faderport MIDI Input/Output to it. It is good idea to detach it from other plug-ins, in case you have already used it with sonar.
* Open AZ Controller configuration dialog
* Switch to the "Options" Tab and in the "Tweak current configuration..." drop box select "Faderport".
* Press "Create preset"
* In the preset name box (on top of the window) type "Faderport" and press "Save" button. Select just saved preset to reload it (that should setup WAI correctly)

The preset defines at the moment:

* The fader control current Track/Bus Volume
* Pan encoder control current Track/Bus Pan (Mix Bank) or "ACT Speed Dial" (ACT bank). When Bank is pressed, the value is changed in Hi resolution mode, Low resolution otherwise. With Shift - Beat Jogger, with Loop - Zoom Horizontal
* Mute/Solo/Record arm current Track/Bus
* Left/Right move focus to the previous/next strip
* Bank - when used alone, switch between Mix and ACT Banks. Modification key otherwise (currently modify Pan encoder only, see its description)
* Output switch between Track and Bus (light on Bus). WAI indication follows the selection
* Read/Write - enable/disable read/write automation for current strip Volume and Pan
* Touch - snapshot current strip volume, lights when the Fader is touched
* Off - switch motor operations off (light when motor is disabled)
* Mix/Proj/Trns - show console/show ProChannel/Show or hide Multidock
* Undo (Shift:Redo) - Edit | Undo/Redo
* Shift - when pressed during other control engagement, change it operation (see other controls description). When pressed alone, latch/unlatch Shift mode
* Punch - toggle autopanch mode, with Shift - GoTo previous Marker. Light when Autopunch is on.
* User - nothing, with Shift - GoTo next Marker
* Loop - when used alone toggle loop mode (forcing loop region to selection), mod. key for some controls (see other controls description). With Shift - set Marker. Light when Loop mode is on.
* Rewind - start Rewind (stopped when the button is released), with Loop - Set Loop Start, with Stop - RTZ, with Shift - GoTo Loop Start
* Fast Forward - start Fast Forward (stopped when the button is released), with Loop - Set Loop End, with Shift - GoTo Loop End
* Stop/Play/Record  - corresponding transport functions
2.11.2016 - starting from v0.5r3b343, generated preset includes initialization (you will need to regenerate the preset, all your own custom changes will be reset by that action!)



Very encouraging first test.  I noticed that the Faderport WAI is already following the Sonar selected bus, which was the whole reason for this venture :).  Details below:

1) Mapping of button functions looks to be correct so far, except for the lights. See #3 below.
2) All transport buttons are working properly.
3) Lights are working but mis-assigned.  Rundown as follows:
  Mute->lights up channel select R
  Solo->lights up Output (channel/bus button)
  Arm->lights up fader 'Off' button
  Output->lights up solo button
  Fader 'Off' ->lights up Arm button
  Shift->lights up transport stop button
  Rewind->lights up transport FastFwd
  FastFwd->lights up transport Rewind
  Stop->lights up shift (default state on load)
  Play->lights up 'Punch' button
  'Loop' button light is triggered by the first touch of the volume fader and remains lit until Sonar is closed and restarted

4) Pan is working perfectly.  There is no LED ring on the surface for the encoder.
5) Fader behavior:
  -motor moves all the way to the top of its path (6.0) on any track with a volume of more than '-INF' and all the way to the bottom of its path on a track with '-INF' volumne
  -after one track's volume is adjusted from the surface, the fader motor seems to stop responding altogether and will not work again until Sonar is closed and restarted
  -The fader does work to adjust track volume, but only when the current track's volume is 'met' by the physical fader. I'm guessing this would be resolved when the motor responds properly to the current track volume position.

Thank you for detailed report!

I more or less understand possible reasons for these problems. Too many never tested features can not work out of the box  :)
I will check/fix everything tomorrow and let you know.


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