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I decide to provide something in between the Quick start and ACT MIDI Explained.

YouTube video:

I assume that you have managed to follow Quick start.  Please follow it first in case you have not done that yet.

Go to the "Options" Tab and in the "Tweak current configuration..." drop box select "Startup preset". You can modify some options:
  • The number of strips. Each strip definition includes one slider, one encoder and zero up to 3 buttons (Mute, Solo, Record Arm). The correct value depends from the number of hardware controls you have. For MPK Mini, which has 8 encoders and no sliders, "4" is a good choice. That way I can use upper 4 encoders as "Encoders" and lower 4 encoders as "Sliders". You can also set "0" strips. In this case you will get a configuration just with transport controls.
  • The number buttons per strip. I recommend at least 1, since the first one (Mute) is also used as ACT Switch in ACT mode.
  • Define transport controls. In case you have dedicated buttons for transport or want to use some buttons/pads for that let it stay checked.
  • The Number of ACT banks. In case you specify "0", there will be no ACT mode. In each bank you are going to have <strip number> of sliders, encoders and switched.
  • I do not really need to change Main/Master Volume from my controller. So that is the default. But in case you have dedicated slider for that or you want a possibility to control it with strip sliders, there are such options.

Click "Create preset". Current configuration will be replaced with (program generated) Startup preset.

Before you can start to use it, you still need to associate "Controls" inside the preset with controls on your surface. In other words, you should "MIDI learn" your hardware. After "Quick start" you already know how to do this (right?), but just one more time:
  • Switch to the "Hardware" Tab
  • Press/turn/move some hardware control and check that something is changed in the "Last MIDI event" box.
  • Select correct Control name in the "Hardware Control" box
  • Press "Assign MIDI"
  • Use the same hardware control again. You should see the name of the "Software control" in the "Last MIDI event" box now.
  • Repeat the procedure for other controls
Note. In case you have touched "new" control on your hardware but you see "the name" of already assigned control, that means several hardware controls send the same MIDI commands. Plug-in has no chance to distinguish them.

The preset defines:
  • "Mode" (Track/Bus/Main/ACT) and corresponding 1-2 buttons to change it. You need at least assign "Next mode"/"Mode" to some real button
  • "Bank" as ACT banks with corresponding buttons. In case you want more then one bank, you need yet another real button for that.
  • "Display" to switch on/off internal display (not the same as the preferences dialog!). Nice to also have in case you use ACT. But you can also press "Show/Hide" in the Options Tab to see it
  • Transport keys with (I hope) predictable action
  • Sliders/Encoders/Buttons which either control strip or ACT parameters. Sliders/Encoders use "Catch" mode

And now several words HOW it works. In the "Logic" tab you can select any "Control" to see what it does. Controls with "_" are "functions" (not that they need "_" in the name, it is there for readability only). There are called from other controls (to not repeat the list of actions many times). Transport buttons just call corresponding SONAR command. Mode/Bank switches change current state in the corresponding set. WAI move the strip region in SONAR. Sliders/Encoders/Strip buttons use Mode/Bank set to select the parameter to control and "Value" Action apply the value change (from the value the hardware control send or simply "toggle"). Two Monitors are watching current parameter name/value and update the display (see the actions in the "Feedback" Tab, each monitor has separate list there).

In case you want to understand everything, please read User Manual and "ACT MIDI Explained" tutorial. The Startup is just a starting point, it is not the final destination.
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Re: [AZ] Generic Startup preset (easy way to start using the plug-in)
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FIX in 0.4r1 Fast forward/Rewind definition had a bug. Regenerate the preset using this or newer version. In case you want modify your preset manually, in the "Logic" Tab select "<<" control and modify its action from "Rewind On" to "Rewind Toggle". Do the same for Fast Forward (">>"). In case your transport buttons generate "Off" events (you can check that by looking at "Last MIDI Event" when releasing the button), you can add new action "Function/Transport/Rewind Off" with condition "Note:Off" (you should not modify the original action then). In this case rewind/fast forward will stop once you release the button.
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