Author Topic: Control Surface settings in SONAR  (Read 6506 times)

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Control Surface settings in SONAR
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:22:51 PM »
SONAR saves all settings in files, location is OS dependent, but it is under User folder (normally "hidden").
For example, /users/UserName/Application Data/Cakewalk/

You can search your disk for "ACT Data" folder (yes, with space) or for Cakewalk.ini file (it will be in "SONAR <version>" subfolder).

There are the following Control Surface related files:
  • "ACT Data" files. genericpluginparams.xml and sonaract.xml keep all ACT mapping. Modifications done in ACT mapping are immediately saved there. They are system wide, independent from project and SONAR version.
  • Current configuration for Control Surfaces, inclusive settings within surfaces, are saved in "SONAR <version>"/ctrlsurface.dat file. These settings are SONAR version dependent, but project independent. The file is rebuild by SONAR once removed or corrupted (the configuration will be lost).
  • "Shared Presets"/<OID>/. Saved presets for all Surface Plug-ins, each preset is saved in separate file, the file name is the preset name (so easy to find).

It is good idea to have a copy of these files, or the whole "Cakewalk" folder (it is around 5MB only).