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AZ Accessible OSC (AOSC)
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:03:44 PM »
AZ Accessible OSC

8.12.2017 - accelerators, also in menu
6.12.2017 - fixes in page switching, I hope working submix, level information (requires Send Peak Level option in TotalMIX)
4.12.2017 - attempt to add submix selection 0.1r1
3.3.2017 - The first beta, 0.1r0

AZ Accessible OSC (AOSC) is an Open Sound Control ( client for Windows operation system.
The interface is implemented using standard widgets and all functions are optimized for computer keyboard only control, making it accessible in terms of MSAA.

Current version is distributed with layout for RME TotalMix which will be loaded automatically. But the layout is defined in XML format and can be modified for other purpose.

Please note license conditions in supplied LICENSE file.

1. Download ZIP file from;sa=downfile&id=52
2. Unpack it into user writable directory. There is no installer, the executable azaosc.exe is the program to run. If you move it, please do not forget to put azaosc.xml layout file into the same place.
3. In TotalMix application menu check OSC preferences. Specify your local host address as well as ports. Check TotalMix documentation for details. Notice these numbers.
4. Enable OSC in TotalMix.
5. Start azaosc.exe.
6. Open OSC configuration from menu or by pressing F3 key. Enter the information noticed at step 3. Note that port numbers should be reversed, TotalMIX listening port should be specified as "send to" port. Check enable option. Press OK button.

The interface consist of the navigation tree and current page with parameters, if it is selected in the navigation tree. The focus is initially in the communication status label.

In the navigation tree each entry is a page. Pages can have controls and sub pages. If current page has controls, you can switch to these controls with tab. You can always return to the navigation tree pressing Ctrl+1.

There are 3 types of control. Check boxes, buttons (currently also check boxes) and faders.

Check boxes ask TotalMix to change some binary parameter, such as Solo, Mute, etc. and indicate current state of that parameter.

Buttons ask TotalMix to execute some action, for example change channel bank. Corresponding check box is always unchecked.

Faders control continuous values. In OSC, all values are between 0 and 1. For example centered Pan has value 0.5 . Real meaning for current value is normally indicated in the label, but during changing you will hear slider position between 0 and 100. So to check real value, shortly move focus to different control so screen reader pronounce updated label. Value can be entered directly. If you first press Enter, you can edit current value. Otherwise you can just type new value. You can also use usual keys for faders, including arrows, page up, page down, home and end.
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Re: AZ Accessible OSC (AOSC)
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