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Sibiac is an add-on for NVDA, MS Windows only.

Installation sequence:
  • You will need recent NVDA version. Current development is under 2022.1.
  • In case you use NVDA 2019.3 or late, download the latest version of Sibiac.
    You also need  OCR for Sibiac.
    This part is not going to be changed often, that is why it is in a separate package. Inside is just Tesseract OCR. Many Sibiac overlays take particular recognition errors of this version into account, so it can work incorrectly with other Tesseract versions/distributions.

    Save these files on disk, opening directly in NVDA may work incorrectly.
  • Use NVDA tool for add-ons installation. If you have  Sibiac already installed, uninstall it first. But do not uninstall OCR part.

Required display settings in Windows:
Sibiac works with information drawn on the screen and so some screen setting are essential.
  • Set magnification to 100%. On some hardware Windows set 125% or even 150% by default. Sibiac will fail to work in case that is not checked.
  • Set resolution to maximum recommended for your display.
  • If can be set, pixel aspect ratio should be 1:1. I have not observed modern systems with other ratio, but older monitors still can have other aspect. In such case it may be required to set special resolution.

Proposed NVDA settings for better experience:
Check in NVDA settings Mouse section that  "Enable mouse tracking" is disabled. If it is enabled, set "Ignore mouse input from other applications".
SIBIAC is operating mouse, in case mouse tracking is enabled and ignore from other applications is unset, some informational reports from SIBIAC can
be canceled by its own mouse manipulation.

General recommendations for using Sibiac:
  • maximize applications. That can be done with Win+UpArrow in modern Windows versions. That will put the primary content and dialogs/popup on reasonable place.
  • do not change window size, including maximizing. If you had to do this, close the application/dialog/plug-in and open it again.
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