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[AZ, gadeuval2000] Gamepad with Audition
« on: December 21, 2016, 01:03:10 PM »
Note: v0.5r5 or later is required for that preset.

This preset is an updated version of Gamepad audition preset, originated from Audition preset described here:,277.0.html
Please check this thread for pre-requirements, installation and audition effects produced even without hardware controller attached.

To use the preset attached to this post, you need Gamepad controller recognized and configured as a Joystick in Windows. Only USB variation was tested, but wireless should work as long as Windows understand it.

The functionality in addition to the basic Audition preset:
  • Clipping is indicated every 5 seconds when happened
  • L1 - alt (see other buttons for alted function description)
  • L2 - shift (see other buttons for shifted function description)
  • X - Play/Stop, with shift Mute, with Alt pause, with Shift and Alt toggle looping
  • Circle - Record, with shift Arm, with Alt toggle Punch
  • Triangle - Previous Measure, with shift Echo, with Alt previous beat, with Alt and Shift previous Marker
  • Square - Next Measure, with shift Solo, with Alt next beat, with Alt and Shift next Marker
  • Options - Mode change. Without shift and alt change between strip selection and effect editing, with shift change between effects operations and input/output selection, with Alt change between strip selection and send control. With Alt and Shift, enter synth editing (open UI). See modes.
  • Share - Mode specific button
  • Touchpad button - Mode specific
  • R1 - playback metronome on/off, with shift Mono/Stereo, with Alt set loop in, with Shift and Alt set punch in
  • R2 - recording metronome on/off, with shift Write automation, with Alt set loop out, with Shift and Alt set punch out

In Strip selection mode:
Share - without Shift switch between tracks and buses, with Shift pronounce current audio level (not precise)
Left and Right - without Shift focus previous or next strip, with shift select previous or next FX
Up and Down - without Shift and Alt change Volume, with Shift change Pan, with Alt change Gain
Touchpad button - with Shift reset current strip volume to unity, with Alt reset current strip gain to zero

In effect operations mode:
Share - without Shift insert effect from the effects tree before currently selected effect, with Shift delete currently selected effect
Up, Down, Left and right - navigate throw effects tree

In plug-in editing mode:
Share - without Shift audition current parameter name and value, with shift open plug-in user interface
Left and Right - without Shift select effect parameter, with Shift change Cakewalk preset for effect. Note that it opens effect UI but it can not pronounce the preset name.
Up and Down - change current effect parameter

In IO selection mode:
Share - say current settings
Left and Right - change the output
Up and Down - change the input

In Send Control mode:
Share - open insert send dialog
Left and Right - without Shift focus previous or next send, with shift select previous or next Output for current Send
Up and Down - without Shift change Send Volume, with Shift change Send Pan
Touchpad button - without Shift and Alt enable/disable the send, with Shift reset volume, with Alt reset pan, with Shift and Alt Pre/Post

21.12.2016 - Track gain control, Sends control, relocated volume reset from L1 to Touchpad button, L1 is an Alt modifier now
22.12.2016 - Touchpad button functionality changed
05.01.2017 - test version of DPM preset
17.07.2017 - functionality of some buttons is extended with Alt/L1 button combinations
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