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[AZ] A&H ZED R16
« on: March 26, 2015, 08:40:13 PM »
The first preset which suppose to work out of the box.

How to use it:
  • Install AZ Controller plug-in first (download the latest release version and run it).
  • Configure ZED R16 MIDI Input/Output in SONAR as described in its documentation.
  • Insert AZ Controller in the "Control Surfaces" section of SONAR preferences and attach ZED MIDI Input/Output to it. It is good idea to detach it from other plug-ins, in case you have already used it with sonar.
  • Open AZ Controller configuration dialog
  • Move the first fader and look at "Last MIDI Event" section (top of the window). You should see "Ch:X CC:1" there. Notice the number X as MIDI Channel
  • Press "Play" button and look at "Last MIDI Event" section (top of the window). You should see "URT YY 6 2" there, notice the number YY as MMC Device
  • Switch to the "Options" Tab and in the "Tweak current configuration..." drop box select "ZED R16".
  • In the preset dialog, select MIDI Channel X you could see from your fader, MMC Device YY from your "Play" button. You can also change the mode for encoders:
    • Catch is the default. You have to turn the encoder to match current parameter value before it start to change it
    • Instant convex. You can start control parameters from the beginning, without catching old value. That works in most cases.
    • Endless like. You can always control parameters without catching old value and you do not loose the resolution. But the parameter is not lowered in the right part of encoder and is not growing in the left part. Just try that out to understand how it works and either you like it.
    Press "Generate preset"
  • In the preset name box (on top of the window) type "ZED R16" and press "Save" button. Select just saved preset to reload it (that should setup WAI correctly)

The preset defines at the moment (coded by me ideas from LunaTech):
  • All encoders and sliders are in Catch mode (till configured differently)
  • Shift is a Shift when used with arrows and bank switch otherwise (the bank is switched once the button is released)
  • Inc switch between Strip and ACT modes
  • 16 faders control volumes of 16+16 tracks in WAI block (Bank1/Bank2), in ACT mode they still control track volumes
  • 12 encoders control pan of 12+12 tracks in WAI block, in ACT mode they control 12+12 Rotary ACT parameters
  • 4 MIDI faders control volume of 4+4 buses in WAI block, in ACT mode they control 4+4 Slider ACT parameters
  • 8 buttons control mute of 8+8 tracks in WAI block, in ACT mode they control 8+8 Switch ACT parameters
  • Arrow move current track when used without Shift and move Track WAI block by 8 tracks when used with Shift
  • Trasport buttons work as usual
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    Re: [AZ] ZED R16
    « Reply #1 on: March 26, 2015, 08:41:04 PM »
    FIX in 0.4r1 Fast forward/Rewind definition had a bug. Regenerate the preset using this or newer version. In case you want modify your preset manually, in the "Logic" Tab select "<<" control and modify its action from "Rewind On" to "Rewind Toggle". Do the same for Fast Forward (">>").
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