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Discussions / Trying to Understand what's Possible for ACT Automation
« Last post by Binyamin on July 07, 2023, 04:06:37 AM »
This software really is incredible, it's a little hard to use but I'm very impressed with how versatile AZ Controller can be. I've been programming an Akai MPC Mini Plus and I'm now looking to program the rotaries. I'm trying to understand what the possibilities are for programming them. Fyi the rotaries are endless and give out MIDI signals of 1 for dec and 127 for inc.

My IDEAL scenario would be: Shift + any of the 8 rotaries sets that rotary to control the last changed parameter (ACT or strip) which persists no matter what plugin focus and persists after Cakewalk closes. Now my understanding is that this is completely impossible (but if I'm wrong I'd love to know). As far as I know, there is no way to control multiple plugins at the same time and no way to persist it. And I'm unsure whether a dual ACT and strip system like that is possible. Is there a way perhaps to detect a change in strip volume or pan that I could use for this functionality? If not I'd also settle on a separate "shift" button that sets a rotary to control the volume of the currently selected track. Is there a way to set the current track number to a software state?

« Last post by immoboy31 on July 05, 2023, 06:14:28 PM »
thank you for your reply. :-) I will take a look at your link. ;-)
« Last post by azslow3 on July 04, 2023, 12:37:10 AM »
Launchkey 61 preset was not done by me. I never had Launchkey controllers.

I am surprised transport section does not work.
General MK2 documentation:

So transport mapping should be the same for 25/49/61. If required, you can re-assign MIDI for transport buttons, if for some reason they send something else. Well, better
you understand why they send something else and fix that. Unfortunately that requires some skills.

Working with controller remotely is difficult. I have created some of presets that way. But I don't think they was really great.
« Last post by immoboy31 on July 03, 2023, 05:21:42 PM »
Hello Alexey,

thank you for your work with midi controllers for cakewalk sonar.

I have a novation launchkey 25 mk2 which works like a regular midi keyboard.
But as a controller, well nothing really works (wether I choose midi 1 or 2 usb channel)
No colors other than the red one on the pad (they can change the color but I dont know how)
the transport (play, stop, ...dont work). "In control" mode does not work to...

When I try Midi-OX everything is recognised as a control change or notes.

I tried az controller, and even import the preset you did for the launchkey 61, and now I have some colors and fonctions (like arm tracks or nex track, ...) but I don't know how to configure the "play/record bar,..." to be recognised and of course how to configure the pad/slide/rotary fonctions... and the color changes...
Could you help me with that. Have you already worked on something for the launchkey 25 mk2 from novation?
Thank you in advance.
Discussions / Re: Cakewalk by Bandlab is going to be superseded by a paid version
« Last post by azslow3 on July 01, 2023, 12:53:46 PM »
What they will do is unknown. I am an "old" style man, I don't like when a company spread rumor about unknown things. I remember Cakewalk was spreading rumor about "Cakewalk on Mac". That was at mentioned by you "lifetime" thing. Sonar Platinum "lifetime" is dead. Yet it still requires activation... I don't think CbB will ever stop ask for re-activation, the same for any future versions of Sonar/Next.
I still miss simple Cakewalk step sequencer and Matrix in REAPER. But for that I can use Maschine, which covers both (and some other) areas well, especially when used with own controller (plan to buy). I know NI also has online activation, but I gave up looking for free or offline license based instruments. Old Cakewalk staff and TruePiano are outdated. So I need NI staff in any case.
Just in case you haven't seen the news, the free 'Cakewalk by Bandlab' is going to be replaced by a paid for version called 'Cakewalk Sonar'.  No pricing has yet been announced.  According to Noel Borthwick (Bandlab staff member) there is going to be one more update of 'Cakewalk by Bandlab' then no further updates.  I believe there will be no time restriction on its use and you won't have to do the refresh activation via your Bandlab account in the future.

As I understand it, 'Cakewalk Sonar' will be built from 'Cakewalk by Bandlab' with the first major enhancement being the use of vector based graphics for the GUI.

'Cakewalk Sonar' will be a separate install and won't overwrite 'Cakewalk by Bandlab'

I was one of many who bought the (Gibson era) Cakewalk lifetime license but it looks like that won't be honoured for the new 'Cakewalk Sonar' version.

I will probably stick with the free version on my Windows 10 PC then maybe think about buying 'Cakewalk Sonar' when I replace my PC at some point.
Bugtracker / Re: [Implemented] Action Keyboard +/-
« Last post by azslow3 on June 20, 2023, 05:45:18 PM »
I am till there  ;)
But if you want continue the discussion, please use,6.0.html
Till you hit a bug, there is no reason to continue in the "bugtracker".

Which controller you have and which control you want to use for the purpose? Even better if you open AZ Controller (without any preset loaded), turn/push/move/etc. whatever you want to use as "Num+", notice "Last MIDI Event" and do the same for "Num-". Then I can make ready to use preset for you.
Note if you use the controller with something else, you better not stack plug-ins (I mean f.e. AZ Controller with ACT MIDI). At least in case the controller (or the port in question) is used for keys/pads. That has side effects.
Bugtracker / Re: [Implemented] Action Keyboard +/-
« Last post by Binyamin on June 20, 2023, 04:56:48 PM »
Added in the last release (Num+, Num-). I have tested that works.

Not that I understand why and for which Sonar controls you want to use keyboard action

i use it as a sort of "speed-dial" - but for nearly ALL Sonar-controls!
So i just click on ANY Sonar parameter (not the ACT-stuff in Plugins), even things like midi-patch, arpeggiator settings,... and of course all mixer-controls and PC too.
Now i have this "speed-dial" completely independent from current WAI/Mode/etc and can quickly adjust anything, without changing any of the other modes.

Not sure if there's any chance of a reply to this after 6 years :D An everything speed dial sounds very useful, have you shared that anywhere here? 
Discussions / Re: Feedback SysEx dependant on parameter value
« Last post by norfolkmastering on June 04, 2023, 10:26:37 AM »
Hi Alexey
Okay I see the monitor value action conditions.
Works just fine.
Discussions / Re: Feedback SysEx dependant on parameter value
« Last post by azslow3 on June 03, 2023, 10:12:31 AM »
In the monitor you can use "Value:0" / "Value:127" condition to send proper SysEx. I can make an example if you want.
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