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Title: Novation LaunchControl
Post by: balinas on April 17, 2018, 02:46:32 AM
Hello, During the Cakewalk/Sonar/Bandlab limbo time, I had been trying out Cubase.  As in Sonar I could get my MCU PRO, VS-100 and TouchOSC working well.  I then purchased an inexpensive Novation LaunchControl for the 'Quick Controls' available in Cubase.  It worked well for quickly assigning and controlling specific Rotary knobs on the synths in Cubase, namely Halion 6. 

With Cakewalk now breathing some new possibilities with Bandlab, I would like to migrate back to Cakewalk and use the Novation LaunchControl to control assignable aspects of some synths.
With AZController I can set up the Novation LaunchControl as a control surface in Cakewalk, and I can see the MIDI signals for each of the 16 Rotary knobs, and 12 buttons. But I am spinning in circles trying to configure them in AZController so that the Rotaries and buttons can be assigned in the individual controls in the synths.  So your suggestions at this point are most appreciated. 
Title: Re: Novation LaunchControl
Post by: azslow3 on April 17, 2018, 08:04:28 AM
There are 3 approaches to control plug-ins in Sonar/CbB:
1) "ACT Dynamic mapping", so with the action sequence:
Code: [Select]
 Direct linear
Then you "ACT Learn" control (with "AZ ACT Fix" utility, that is possible to keep the mapping working)

2) "Direct control", with the action sequence:
Code: [Select]
Synth (particular name/any) + position + particular parameter
 Direct linear
So, particular parameter in particular synth.

3) Allow the controller to be just normal MIDI controller, so Synth can MIDI learn its controls. One button still will be under AZ Controller all the time, to switch the mode. The action list for it:
Code: [Select]
Ctrl groups, toggle, B
Then in the "Hardware" tab check "B" in "Control group member" for all controls you want to use this way.

So you can combine all 3 methods in one preset. F.e. dynamic for general control of one plug-ins/synth in focus, direct for control several fixed parameters in several plug-ins in parallel, MIDI learning for synths.
With defined "Mode" Software Set with states "Dyn", "Dir", "MIDI":

Mode switching button:
Code: [Select]
Mode:MIDI  Ctrl groups, disable, B
Mode:Dir     Ctrl groups, enable, B
Set State "Mode", next, loop.
(note that I first change Ctrl groups and then switch mode, so Action conditions looks contr intuitive)

For other controls:
Code: [Select]
Mode:Dyn  ACT r1
Mode:Dir  Synth (particular name/any) + position + particular parameter
Direct linear
And put them into group "B". Note there is no actions for mode "MIDI", AZ Controller will be bypassed in it.

Title: Re: Novation LaunchControl
Post by: balinas on April 17, 2018, 01:41:49 PM
Thanks!  that gives me some direction.  I will be taking a look at this over the next few days, and get back to you as to the results.