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Discussions / Re: Alternative method of track to group routing
« Last post by norfolkmastering on Yesterday at 05:34:10 PM »
Hi Alexey

Thanks very much for keeping me informed.  I understand your explanation.
For now, the work-a-round which I have implemented is working 100% reliably so I have a functioning system.

To keep you up to date with my PIC programming progress:

My hardware mixer has 24 channels (tracks) which mix down to eight stereo buses (which I call 'groups'), and these groups mix down to one Master bus.

With the name based routing system, I always have one bus in Cakewalk named 'Master'.
The other eight buses can be freely named.

Today, I finished a PIC update which allows the 'Master' bus (in Cakewalk) to be placed in any slot position within the nine buses.
This was an interesting programming challenge because in the hardware mixer, the Master bus pcb is special and, of course, its output is physically connected to the monitor loudspeakers and master stereo tape machine.  So far my update is working but lots of testing still to do.

Next step is to allow the number of 'groups' to be varied from one to eight.  This means I will be able to add extra groups as I need them during a project, name them as I like to, and the hardware mixer will continue to be mapped correctly from Cakewalk/AZ.  So now I will be implementing how to deal with AZ SysEx name outputs for buses which don't exist within the Cakewalk project.  You already gave me very good advice on how to deal with this using the Feedback action 'Text =''.

As always, I could do none of this without AZ Controller and your continued support.  A very  big thank you from me to you!

Best regards
Discussions / Re: Alternative method of track to group routing
« Last post by azslow3 on Yesterday at 04:27:03 PM »
Hi Robert,

Just to keep you informed. I have not forgotten about the problem. It just happened to be more severe then I have thought at the beginning, so I have to rewrite
the whole sends/output monitoring logic and that takes time.

I must admit current implementation is logically buggy at many places. It is "too fast", I mean it works faster then proper implementation. But can return wrong names/values
for sends, project dependent.

In addition, Cakewalk informs surfaces "there was topology change" in case of most related operations, including changing any send. But it does not do this in case
the output is changed (at least not in Sonar X2). While with strip names I can understand that, at the end changing in names do not change topology, changing output has
the same effect on topology as changing send output. I am going to check later with CbB, and if that is still the case there I probably write feature request.
I mean I can cache sends values but can't cache outputs values, and as we know for some reason I don't understand (even after some explanation from Cakewalk...) that
API calls are "pricey".
Discussions / Re: Accessing the External Insert Return Source
« Last post by norfolkmastering on Yesterday at 10:15:09 AM »
Hi Alexey

If it's okay, I'll contact Cakewalk and check whether the external insert destinations/sources are available.
Then at least we will know.
Best regards
Discussions / Re: Accessing the External Insert Return Source
« Last post by azslow3 on January 31, 2023, 11:32:29 AM »
Hi Robert,

I definitively can't add (or remove) parameters of Cakewalk or its plug-ins. And I don't think destination/source are exposed as parameters.

Wishes / Re: Akai MidiMix settings
« Last post by azslow3 on January 31, 2023, 11:25:01 AM »
I don't have MidiMix and I am not aware of any AZ Controller user with it. So I can't recommend ready to use preset.

The device is Ableton oriented, so it does not has "natural" mapping for Cakewalk. But you can use it with Cakewalk, throw "ACT MIDI", "Generic" or "AZ Controller" surface plug-ins.
There are many instructions/videos about the first two. They are somehow simpler to understand and initially configure. But I (obviously) recommend "AZ Controller", it allows
getting more from your device ("ACT MIDI" can't work with more then 25 distinguishable  controls, MidiMix has 59, "Generic" is a bit limited in assignments).

Set default mapping on MidiMix (just for consistency, that will also help with buttons LEDs when/if you try to control them), then use,154.0.html
I think it is reasonable to start with 8 strips and 3 buttons per channel (ARM, MUTE, SOLO). Assign faders, one row of knobs and strip buttons. You can also assign bank buttons if you want (but using them for transport may be more practical). I think that is reasonable start point. Other knobs you can use for MIDI Learn inside VSTis.

Sure you can extend the preset later (or ask me to extend it, once you know what you want), but Startup preset you can adopt within half an hour yourself, without any knowledge about AZ Controller. Just follow the video.   
Discussions / Accessing the External Insert Return Source
« Last post by norfolkmastering on January 31, 2023, 10:54:41 AM »
Hello Alexey

As a consequence of my move to name based routing, I need to be able to remote control the bus external insert return audio source, preferably by using the port friendly names.

Are you able to make this parameter available as an addition to the FX-External Insert-Parameter list?

Wishes / Akai MidiMix settings
« Last post by Dega on January 30, 2023, 09:17:40 PM »
Anyone using the Akai MidiMix ( control surface successfully with Cakewalk? Are there any files available for D/L that would get me started with this?

Discussions / Re: Alternative method of track to group routing
« Last post by norfolkmastering on January 28, 2023, 05:08:49 PM »
Hi Alexey

A further update on my progress.

I experimented and found a mechanism to trigger a Cakewalk refresh of the track output names.

I found that any instruction received by Cakewalk to set a routing (even if the instruction sets it to its existing destination) causes Cakewalk to refresh the track output names, so I mean the names which sit in the AZ 'buffer'.  So this means that the 'old' track output names are updated with the correct 'new' names.

I added a routine in my PIC which detects when a bus name is changed.  When this is detected, I send a MIDI instruction from the PIC to AZ/Cakewalk to set my Track 1 Send 1 to its already set destination (which is always set to the hardware output 'DAW1'.  This causes no change to my setup but the track output names issue is resolved.

I will continue testing this work-a-round but so far it is 100% reliable.

Of course it would be great to get the issue fixed the correct way but I wanted to let you know I found this way around the issue.

Best regards

Discussions / Re: Alternative method of track to group routing
« Last post by norfolkmastering on January 27, 2023, 10:37:14 AM »
I have never measured how Cakewalk calculate cycles, so is 25ms means between last cycle is finished and new started or just between beginning of cycles. The later case can explain your observation, if cycle processing takes 16ms with big number of tracks, and we know Cakewalk is slow reporting sends and outputs names, it can happened the first SysEx is triggered at the end of processing, so just before 9ms of the next cycle.
There is no feel of "real time" in AZ Controller at the moment... but we can organize "one SysEx per 2 cycles". That will give "normal" speed 50ms, x24 = 1.2sec to update 24 tracks. But I guess that is acceptable in case of such change in the project.

Hi Alexey
I changed the Monitor reset for the 'CanSendSysEx : Timer' to trigger in 2 cycles and the minimum time between first and second SysEx messages is now 31ms which is fine.  Thanks for your advice to fix that issue.

Please let me know when you have a solution for the reporting of Track Outputs Names as this is still causing routing failures on a regular basis.
Best regards
Discussions / Re: Alternative method of track to group routing
« Last post by norfolkmastering on January 26, 2023, 06:21:30 PM »
Hi Alexey

I agree that one SysEx per 2 cycles would be worth trying.  Is it an easy change to the preset?

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