Cakewalk Drum Map utility
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Description: This command line utility can extract key mapping from existing map files, f.e.:
That should produce MyDrums.txt in the same directory.

Keymap file can be edited as text (better rename) and then map file can be re-created:
cakedm NewDrums.txt
That should produce in the same directory.
Please note that existing is required, to define ports/patched/etc.

The format of the text file should be self-explaining, except note that MIDI channels are counted from 0. To have an idea which instruments have which port numbers,
I recommend create Drum Map in Cakewalk, with at least one note per port. And then edit extracted from this map keymap.

Please note that the syntax is strict, f.e. no extra spaces allowed. Cakewalk should be re-opened to detect modified/new maps. Also file names (and so map names) should be in English
(note names can be in any language).
Posted by: azslow3 November 18, 2022, 12:25:10 PM


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