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To use AZ Controller you should:

* have Cakewalk SONAR installed
* connect your Hardware Controller and configure it as MIDI Input device in SONAR
* follow AZ Controller Installation instuctions
* start SONAR, make a new project (do NOT open your important work now!) and add several audio tracks

* open SONAR "Preferences", MIDI/Control Surfaces page and add AZ Controller using "Add" button (it looks like a star), select your controller as the "Input device"
* check that ACT and WAI check boxes are checked for the "AZ controller - 1". Close "Preferences" dialog
* open AZ Controller property page (from menu "Utilities/AZ Controller - 1" or from "ACT Module" Doc)
* enter "Quick start" into "Presets:" name, and press save button
* turn/move/press controls on your controller and watch "Last MIDI Event" (just under "Preset", on top of the property window)
* Do you see something is changing there? It should start with "Ch:" (MIDI channel number). If nothing is changing there, something went wrong or your Controller is in unsupported mode (Mackie). Try to fix that, check that your controller works with "Cakewalk Generic Surface" plug-in. If your controller is working fine with it, but not with my plug-in, please ask me for help in this forum. But if it does not work with "Generic Surface", please use the official forum and/or Cakewalk support. Only in case the last step was successful, you can proceed with the "simplest possible" configuration:

* Click on "Options" tab (within AZ Controller Properties window)
* In "Hardware Controls", after "<New control>", enter "Rotor 1" and press "Save" (right after "Unknown").
* You should see "Rotor 1" in the "Hardware Controls" first drop box
* Click on "Hardware" tab
* You should see "Rotor 1" under "Hardware control"
* Move some rotor (or slider) on your Hardware Controller, which produce changes in "Last MIDI Event" and the statement is not "Unsupported"
* Click "Attach" and then "Assign MIDI"
* Under "Logical control" you should now see "(Ch: ....) Rotor 1 :"
* Click on "Logic" tab. You should see the same name under "Logical control"
* In "Action configuration", press "New" button 2 times
* Select the first "Undefined" Action in the list
* Under "Action configuration" change "Undefined" to "Strip"
* Select the second "Undefined" in the Action list
* Under "Action configuration" change "Undefined" to "Value"
* Turn your rotor. You should see that the volume of the first track is changing!
* Save your first AZ Controller preset
Please let me know if you had problems with that tutorial.

With any other plug-in you could come to the same result quicker. The real power of my plug-in is the possibility to make complex configurations. You can proceed with Startup preset or dive into the User manual and I hope you will not be disappointed.




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