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Send midi data from cakewalk to motorised fader


Hey everyone, (or anyone)!

I have a digital mixer that sends midi data from it's faders (0-127). The mixer doesn't support Mackie, just Midi.  I can get it to control cakewalk fine but is it possible to send the fader positions back to it from cakewalk?
It definately accepts data but I don't know how to tell AZcontroller to send it. Could it also update the faders when a project loads or even when the fader in cakewalk is clicked?
Any help would be amazing, I'm very new to AZcontroller.

Which mixer? There are ready to use presets for several...

In the attachment you can find test preset with one fader, assuming the mixer accept the same MIDI as it sends, the preset should keep the fader in sync with currently focused track (note that moving fader in Cakewalk does not focus the strip, clicking somewhere does).

Obviously you need to re-learn MIDI for Fader control (Hardware Tab) for your fader.

The trick is "Monitor value" in the same list and MIDI sending action in Feedback for this monitor.

It can happened your mixer will "fight" with finger when you use it, since it will continuously receive changes.
AZ Controller can deal with that and almost all other problems, but I have decided to keep the example simple  ;)

Thanks very much for the response. It's a Yamaha aw4416. I can't find a preset anywhere but thanks for the code, I'll test it out!

There is no preset for it. Its MIDI capabilities are quite limited, according to only faders and one row of buttons can be used as a controller. In the original documentation there is no indication the faders are touch sensitive. So you probably will hit "fighting with finder" problem once you manage make faders follow automations. Let me know if that is the case and I will make a bit more complicated example how to more or less avoid that.

Will do! It might be a while before I can get my hands on it now, my dad has just started a project on it! I also need to update the firmware, it seems they added more midi options to it at some point. Thanks for the guidance. There's a guy on youtube that explains how it works with Presonus Studio One. Looks like it's really easy to do in that program. Must be possible with Cakewalk.


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