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I have some old Sonar .cwb files and I need to convert them to .cwp to use in Reaper. Is this an option for an up coming version?

Thanks for your time.


As long as CbB is available, there should be no problem to convert into .cwp older projects and/or projects in other formats (like .cwb).

What new Sonar will bring I don't know. If they somehow keep the same project format, ReaCWP will continue to work.


I should have phrased my 1st question differently.

I have sonar projects with a CWB extension, which means they are bundles that contains their own audio files. Would you consider making reaCWP able to convert them, or is there another way?

I have no plans to write CWB converter. I see no reason for that. Cakewalk (CbB, old Sonars and I guess next Sonar) can convert CWB into CWP (unpack).
I can only repeat, install CbB (free) or use original Sonar and convert CWB into CWP.
Then you can open the result in REAPER with ReaCWP.

Note that in case you have Cakewalk specific features in your projects, it make sense to "simplify" projects in Cakewalk before conversion. So probably that will be iterative process: open in REAPER, check what is far from perfect, fix in Cakewalk, check the result, may be repeat the cycle.


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