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Request: Boss Tone Studios for Me90


I own a Boss Me-90 Multi Guitar FX pedal.  I tracked through the BOss Tone Studios app and found that the editior is somewhat readable even without OCR, but there are some things that are invisible, and cannot be  operated.    The only other function I'd like is to be able to upload libraries that I download from the Boss Tone Exchange website, which is integrated with the APP, but is not accessible so I go straight to the site.  I"ve yet to figure out how to make that actually work.

From what I can understand, the app is fully functional without the hardware, just cannot save patches.    I will be more than happy to allow you to do what you need with my machine.

Thank you.

It seems like the App is only partially usable without hardware. Nothing really happens when I select something, I guess with device it at least should select the settings for editing. For me the editor is always in U1-1 Initial, can be edited but not ordered to preset nor saved.

The app is build with theoretically accessible framework, chrome based. Technically the app is described by HTML and Java Scripts. All elements in the editor are in fact can be navigated, but the order is wrong. So some "clickable" are components and can be selected by enter, but corresponding labels of the component and type labels are in different lists and so it is not possible to understand the relation. Nothing is grouped reasonably.
Also as you have noticed many operations make accessible navigation stuck till the app is restarted. Unfortunately that is the case with most mouse clicks.

I mean I can't reasonably combine SIBIAC approach with available build-in accessibility. Modifying HTML/JS sources is also not feasible, they are too complicated.
So the only simple task is selecting the page, and that you have already figured out how to do with OCR. Otherwise we will need to develop complete overlay, ignoring all existing accessibility.
Theoretically possible since everything appears on predictable places, but practically comparable in complexity with our AD2 or EZ2 projects.

THe U1-1 INit is just a default patch to be messed with.  WHen connected to the unit, all the preset and user patches line up and they're accessed by actually clicking on their names. 

Using OCR to activate Librarian and TOne Central pages is doable.  in all honestly, the pages, themselves, are accessible enough to operate them, more specificly the librarian page.  to a degree, with the exception of dialog boxes.  However, if you navigate away from the page, and navigate back, you lose all accessibility. 

After having more time to tinker with it, and the BOss IR loader app, which I have Golden Cursor locations for,  it turns out that a decent majority of the app it's self is accessible, however, the parts that are not are what make it so tideous to navigate, that and some thing sare out of order, as you mentioned.  IF there was just a way to put it in order and activate those pages, that'd be fine.  THe only other problem I'm honestly having with the app is knowing when effects are on or off when using CTL mode..


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