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Track Input not reporting on Soft Instrument Track


Hi Alexey
I have a problem that any track which is configured with a Soft Instrument (so combined MIDI/Audio track) is not reporting a change in track source to its feedback output.
The 'skip midi tracks' box in the Logic actions is not ticked.
If I trigger the action using a selective Monitor reset, then the track source reports correctly.

Could you let me know why this might be happening and any possible solution.


Hi Robert,

As you can guess, that means the logic informing about MIDI input change is not the same as for Audio Input, inside Cakewalk.
The API is exactly the same. Even more, surface plug-in (AZ Controller) has no consistent way to detect "Instrument" tracks.
Instrument tracks exposition throw Surface API is traditionally buggy, apart from omission of one half of parameters. Technically and logically
an Instrument track consist of 2 completely separate tracks, with all corresponding parameters. Cakewalk only visually represent them as one. In API
they also represent them as "one", so taking some parameters from the first and some from the second, without a possibility to choose which parameter
we really want. Summing that with some bugs (I don't remember when was solved and which not), the result was always disappointing.

Do you have MIDI part in your mixer?


Hi Alexey
Thanks for the explanation.

I have a routine in my mixer PIC which allows the audio output from MIDI based soft instruments in Cakewalk to be bounced to tracks in my tape machine.

I noticed that the source for those soft instrument tracks was not being reported, which was confusing my bounce software in the PIC.

So I have modified my PIC software to get around the issue.

Today I finished my final big software update so now I can have stereo tracks in Cakewalk which map to two adjacent tracks in the mixer and in the tape machine.  This makes recording and mix down sessions a lot easier.

Previously I had to control stereo sources (e.g. stereo piano recordings) as two Cakewalk tracks, one panned left and the other panned right.  Then I had to link the two faders in Cakewalk and do all the routing to groups twice.  Same for solo and mute and FX inserts.

Now it’s really great!

I’m getting ready to do a big recording session to see how the new software works out.

None of this would be possible without AZ Controller so a big Thank You! to you.



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