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Installation instructions


This plug-in is for Cakewalk SONAR/Cakewalk by BandLab DAW, it should be installed prior installing the plug-in. See About for more details.


* Close SONAR.
* Download the latest version
* Run downloaded installation package (directly from the browser or after saving). The package has no digital signature, so depending on your browser and OS versions, you can be warned about possible security problems.
* Setup will ask you to agree with the license. Ones you agree, the plug-in installation is started.
You can use either your OS software management tool or run the uninstaller directly from Program Files/AZController (on 64bit OS, it is in Program Files (x86)/AZController directory).

You can follow the installation instructions. Prior deinstallation is not required. See Downgrade information.

Presets written by  the plug-in are backward compatible, but not forward compatible. That means any AZ Controller version can load preset saved by any prior version, but it always use the current format for saving.

To keep a possibility to downgrade without loosing your presets, before upgrade you can make a copy of that presets. Do not open these copies in the newer version, so they are kept in the original format.

Installing presets
In many posts of this forum you can find attached ".SPP" files. These are presets in Cakewalk format. To use these presets:
 * Install AZ Controller first (download the version greater or equal to mentioned in the preset post, AZ Controller is always backward compatible)
 * Download ".SPP" file
 * From "Utilities" Sonar menu, start "CakeWalk Plug-in Manager", select "Control Surfaces", "AZ Controller", "Import..." and choose the SPP file.
 * After import, corresponding presets should be available in the AZ Controller preferences window. You may need to close/open it in case it was open during importing.

The first part of this video demonstrate these procedures:



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