Author Topic: First attempt for Novation Launchkey MKIII MK3  (Read 2474 times)

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First attempt for Novation Launchkey MKIII MK3
« on: January 04, 2022, 09:56:24 PM »

Your tool is complex and fun. Great puzzle. I recently bought the Novation Launchkey 49 MKIII or MK3, and really wanted it to work in my favourite DAW CW by BL.
So this is my first working attempt.

- Pod 1 till 8: pan for tracks 1 to 8.  (Wishlist: for the 8 items of the WAI bar)
- Fader 1 till 8: volume for tracks 1 to 8 (idem)
- Track left/right: next and previous track (wishlist: circulair)
- Arm/select: toggles mode of the fader button: Select or Arm (wishlist: color)
- Fader buttons: if mode is Select: mute on off (wishlist: also solo, and use of colours of buttons)
- Transports: work. Stop is not perfect yet
- Loop works (if loop was defined)
- Quantise: only works when track part is selected, opens the Q dialog and presses enter
- Click: toggle metronome during play
- Undo: undo last action

Important: it's using the stand alone status of the controller. So no daw mode yet.
I am able to switch the Novation to daw mode using Midi-OX, but not from AZ Controller. Is there a way to send some Midi commands when starting up CW and controller from the AZ controller? Tips welcome!
Working on a daw modus version, which allows for colouring buttons and displaying texts.

- Setup and close down Midi send to device, preferably in combination with a request device id, check and then send correct midi data to set up the controller
- Stop Solo Mute modus, so that one can toggle Solo and Mute with the buttons, including coloring the button corresponding to the selected track
- Working on WAI structures (but i don't understand them yet)

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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Re: First attempt for Novation Launchkey MKIII MK3
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2022, 09:41:30 AM »
As with puzzles, some time is needed to get it right  ;)

Everything you mark as 'wishlist' is possible, but need understanding of 'advanced' technic (there are tutorials, you can look at existing presets, may be,243.0.html can give you good ideas).

In your preset:
* set control type to "Pad" in the Options tab for all buttons. You don't need "Value:127" / "Value:0" then (in practice that will set "Note:On/Off", even so your buttons are CC, and since default condition is Note:On for most buttons you don't need extra conditions)
* don't use "manual touch" for anything, this option is for touch sensitive physical controls only
* if you have to do one thing in all modes, you don't need to repeat that with different conditions (like 'Toggle' for buttons)

For WAI instead of absolute track change "<first>" to "<first in WAI>" option in Strip Action.
For the rest you will need "Monitors":
* For buttons see,553.0.html
* for initialization example you can check "Hello" control (and related Monitor) in "Mack.. Control" build-in preset.
* to send something on close, you will need to monitor "Context" State Set checking for "NoProject" State.