Author Topic: Basic Preset with Buttons Short, Long and Double Press (more presets to come)  (Read 2100 times)

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HI:) Instead of 1( 8 ) I had to write 1-8 cause the other gives a smiley ;D

Here a basic preset with 8 Encoders, 8 Buttons, 8 Sliders and 8 Special Buttons (All with Short, Double and Long Press Actions)
Just reassign Midi of the Buttons and Encoders or Rotors.!Al2mKojzOW0Mq7wpXsjClF7Ocp6_fQ?e=WUQXMz


Btn_1-8_MoSw_1:  --> fBtn_Act_1-8 Toggles  --> fMode_1_1-8 Solo  --> fBtn_Dbl_Act_1-8 Control Bar
Short Press Mode 1: Solo
Short Press Mode 2: Mute
Short Press Mode 3: Record Arm
Short Press Mode 4: Automation.Write All

Long Press All Modes: Switch to Mode 1, Buttons 2-8 switches to Modes 2-8

Double Press Button 1:   Open control Bar
Double Press Button 2:   Open Multidock
Double Press Button 3:   Open Arranger/Shift: Open Arranger Inspector
Double Press Button 4:   Open Track Inspector/Shift: Open ProChannel
Double Press Button 5:   Open Screenset 1/Shift: Screenset 2
Double Press Button 6:   Open Bus view/Shift: Open Bus View in Console
Double Press Button 7:   Open Automation Lane/Shift: Open Track Lane
Double Press Button 8:   Open Synth Rack



Mode_1: Volume WAI 1-8
Mode_2: Pan WAI 1-8
Mode 3: Send 1/Shift: Send 1Pan - Ctrl: Send 3/Shift: Send 3 Pan
Mode 4: Send 2/Shift: Send 2Pan - Ctrl: Send 4/Shift: Send 4 Pan

Special Buttons (I call them Buttons on the right)


Switches Shift On/Off, Long Press switches to Mode 1, Double Press: Place Holder


Switches Ctrl On/Off, Long Press switches to Mode 2, Double Press: Place Holder


Moves WAI 8 Tracks(Busses) down/ Shift: 1 Track(Bus) down, Long Press switches to Mode 3, Double Press Focus to Tracks


Moves WAI 8 Tracks(Busses) up/ Shift: 1 Track(Bus) up, Long Press switches to Mode 4, Double Press Focus to Busses


Selects the previous Track, Long Press switches to Mode 5, Double Press jumps to the first 8 Tracks


Selects the next Track, Long Press switches to Mode 6, Double Press jumps to the last 8 Tracks


Switches the Modes from 1-8, Long Press switches to Mode 7, Double Press back to Mode 1


Short Press Play/Stopp, Long Press switches to Mode 8, Double Press starts Record


Slider (1-8)

Volume WAI 1-8

Hope anybody can use it as a starting point and enjoy it for his/her Controller, next preset will be for 16 Buttons and 16 Rotors or Encoders
and more moving actions.(in work)


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