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Bus to Bus Sends not working


I cannot get the monitoring outputs of any Bus to Bus Sends working.

So I made a simple preset which has:

Track 1 to Bus 1 Send enable - this works
Track 1 to Bus 2 Send enable - this works
Bus 1 to Bus 2 Send enable - this is not working

I know that the Bus to Bus Send function was working on some previous versions.

The simple preset TestAZ.spp is attached.

I have checked with X2, and it works. I can't check the latest CBB at the moment (Bandlab Assistant refuse to start...).

But in the preset you attach, Bus 1 to Bus 2 control is for the SECOND send from Bus 1 (send number 1, counted from 0). I you sure you have 2 sends on Bus 1  (and testing correct one)?
Note that traditionally Cakewalk (Sonar+) mess with sends where there are some plug-ins with side-chains. Please check on clean project without such plug-ins.

EDIT: I have checked with CbB 2021.4, bus send enable controlling works as expected for me

Hello Alexey

You were correct!

I misunderstood the numbering system on sends.
I thought that the send number related to the absolute bus number but now I understand it is the position of the send on the track or bus strip.
Sorry for the confusion.
Function is working!



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