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Thank you! For creating ReaCWP. I'm still using Sonar 4 on Windows XP system because my A/D interface still works great but is not compatible with Win10.
It's a dedicated DAW but I've really appreciated bringing some projects into Reaper with ReaCWP on my laptop. Even on a small 7 track project I get a couple of dozen "items" that don't come over. That's not a complaint! - Just an observation.
Keep up the good work

Hi, for conversion from pre-X Sonar projects I recommend install Cakewalk by Bandlab (it is free) and re-save the project there. In 8.5 and early projects had significantly different structure. Cakewalk brings the project to current format, with which ReaCWP should work better.

OK OK OK, I've got a BUNCH of old SONAR 3 Producer projects that I didn't know what to do with.  Until now. This is BRILLIANT!!! I downloaded CW/Bandlab, resaved the projects, and converted to Reaper NO PROBLEM.  AZSlow, you are a genius. Thank you, sincerely.

Good that Cakewalk still can open SONAR 3 projects  ;)
I have Sonar 8/X/Plat, and I have no way to support early versions.


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