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filter was not found with preset fw-1884 v0.7


when I use the preset fw-1884 v0.7 and control EQ, the filter EQ was not found. I use filter <any> with skip index module and it's OK.
Windows 10
Last version az controller
last driver fw-1884

I don't have the device, so I can check the logic artificially only and corresponding controls work for me.
Are you sure EQ was already enabled when you have tried to control it using unmodified preset?
Cakewalk auto-activate EQ when you touch something in it's GUI by mouse, but that doesn't happened when you use any controller, you need to
activate it explicitly or pre-activate by mouse.

Another question. Are you using no english localization in Cakewalk?

The focus it is not the troubleshoot but the language yes, I switch French to english and «magic it's OK  :)».
If I want to add filter in tab options How to do this?

Please update to b408 (the latest release), standard PC modules should be recognized correctly in French.

Defining own filters is for non standard PC modules. Standard PC modules are pre-defined (not with all locales, but with French now).
* The first field is plug-in name for use in AZ Controller. It can be the same as in other definitions or build-in definitions (f.e. EQ), AZ Controller think it is the same plug-in then (f.e. with different localization or version).
* in the first combo you need to select exact number of plug-in parameters. That is not obvious to find. Hint gives "automations"  in the track view, but there can be some not automatable parameters.
* the next is name and number of some parameter (to distinguish plug-ins with the same number of parameters). So, the parameter should be more or less unique. Cakewalk API is pre-unicode (while AZ Controller itself is unicode), so all non ASCII characters (f.e. French special) should be replaced with '*' in the name.

But I repeat, you don't need to define filters till you want construct your own presets for extra PC modules.

Thanks for the change, everything is working normally with version b408


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