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Catch not working with OSC?


I'm a new user of AZ Controller. I love it! Steep learning curve but worth the effort. I'm using Bandlab and TouchOSC with an OSC link to plugin 0.5r9b406.
So far, everything I have tried seems to work as expected but I can't get "Catch" to work on a slider. I tested with a very simple 4 slider only TouchOSC template controlling volume. 'Instant' works fine.

I will check later, but I had no need for OSC catch... TouchOSC works with feedback, so faders (and other controls) are "motorized" and have "manual touch" as well (once configured correctly on both sides).

That was by design, catch and instant was not working with OSC (only when "very close" to current value, that is why you could see it is partially working somehow).

If you still need it, please download b409 (latest release), I have added that feature.

Thanks for your reply. As you pointed out, it's easy to use touchosc with feedback.
I have been working on an Ed Sheeran style live looper application for Sonar/Bandlab. Tricky! Much easier to do with Ableton Live.

For loop oriented recording, loop oriented DAW is definitively better  :)

In REAPER you can organize loop recording, thanks to "all can be done in real-time" and easy macro creation.

In Cakewalk... you will be better served with specialized VST. Surfaces have no access to the content.


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