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Arturia Keylab mkII 49 As control surface - Arm/solo/mute selected track(s)

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I`ve been using my A&H QU-16 with AZ controller for some years, and it`s superb!

Now I`ve gotten myself an Arturia Keylab mkII 49, and I want to program this one too with AZ controller. I used AZCinstances and gave my QU-16 and my Arturia names so they can be used simultaneously. Works like a charm! I have programmed the transport control, jog wheel, and some of the options I like to have available.

However I was looking for an alternative like "arm/solo/mute selected track(s)". Is this an option, or is it only possible to arm/solo/mute specific tracks (1-8)?

I tried the alternatives F1 through F8 in AZ Control setup. For example F6 opened Cakewalks video view. I looked up the shortcut (assuming the midi command triggered the shortcut), and found the shortcut to video view is alt+shift+2. I then reprogrammed the shortcut alt+shift+2 to solo/unsolo selected track(s). My theory did not work :/

Therefore I am wondering if solo/unsolo selected track(s) is an option from the AZ Controller setup.

I`ve used the mackie preset as a starting point in AZC

Best regards


AZ Controller provides several ways to work with arm/solo/mute:
1) do that for some specific track/bus. Not only WAI 1-8, that can be named or "current" (there can be only one current, unlike selected). That needs 2 Actions in the list: select strip with "Strip" action (and corresponding parameters) and Value Action with Toggle option
2) call it throw Cakewalk Commands. These you can find in "Global" section for (Cakewalk) shortcuts, it has search field. Once found the one you want (f.e. toggle solo for selected tracks), use Command Action in AZ Controller and find the same name there (sorry, not ordered... but you can use the first character to move throw the list)
3) generate assigned "shortcut" with Keyboard action. That is probably out of your current interest, but there are some shortcuts which are not in the shortcuts global list and there is no other controller specific way to perform that operation.


Thank you so much for the reply! After reading this I realized I it`s over my head... I can`t quite catch what you are saying... How do I use Command action in AZ controller?

Best regards

Sorry, AZ Controller is rather complicated tool to configure without strong background in programming...

Can you try to complete,9.0.html ?
Once done, you will know how to add Actions to Controls. In that tutorial two actions are added, one select parameter (track volume) and another change it (using MIDI value). Button for commands is even simpler, one action "Command" will do the trick.

YES!!! Thats it! Thank you so much!

I`m really impressed by this program! Even I can (with some guidance) make it work!
There are more possibilities in AZ Controller than I thought! Awesome! Now I need more buttons on my control surface....

Thanks again!


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