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BCR 2000 and ACT parameters


Welcome as a new user.
I have a question about BCR 2000 and ACT.
My plugin has 121 parameters and BCR 2000 regulates Knobs for only 24 parameters.
How to switch bank / preset in BCR 2000 to operate Knobs above 24.
Best regards

b9 has 24, modification b10 has 48. At least from related thread, I do not have the device.

Normally it make no sense to have all possible parameters, some synthes have up to 2000. "Speed deal" can be used to temporarily assign some rare parameter to knob.

Izotope 8 Elements has a Threshold controller under Rotors 109 in the Maximizer section

You can use AZ ACT Fix and "ACT Learn" controls you use frequency (so map any parameters to the first 24 controls in ACT). You do not have to use default ACT mapping.

Good advice! I used Roters over the Solo buttons. Thanks!


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