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Deckboard and MacroDeck with sonar or cakewalk bandlab


Hello Cakewalkers,
I try Deckboard to send macros to windows and cakewalk and sonar...
It works fine with sonar x3 (on windows 7 home 32bits) but doen't work on cakewalk bandlab (on windows 10).
I would like to know is there something in configuration that I have to use...
On windows 10 Deckboard and MacroDeck work perfect with makemusic finale, csound-cabbage, etc, etc.

Any idea?



Sorry, I could not understand how to setup deckboard... I have not found any documentation nor youtube videos.

Thanks for your answer...
It is very similar to TouchOSC. You have to have a host installed on the computer and the application on the mobile. From the mobile sends shortcuts to the program that is in focus at that time.
When I use it with X3 it works correctly but not with cakewalk-bandlab.
I would like to know what features of bandlab would be disabled to not accept alphanumeric third-party keys.

Don't run cakewalk as administrator.
CW works with deckboard and Macrodeck.
Pros: can send shortucs to CW with only one "button" from mobile.
  for example. Insert and instrument track with your favorite synth
  Run CAL programs just with one touch
Cons: 195mb RAM memory


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