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X-Touch One (overlay: Cubase) - little help needed

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Dear friends,

Please find attached an SPP file including a preset for X-Touch One (under MC operating mode).
This file includes 3 presets:
- X-Touch One (Custom 6) : the preset published earlier in this forum by Boblev (THANK YOU!);
- X-Touch One - overlay:none : based on (Custom 6), tweaked to meet default layout (MC) on the device itself;
- X-Touch One - overlay:Cubase : based on (Custom 6), tweaked to meet the Cubase overlay sheet.

I have also attached 2 PDF files that list the functionality after my modifications. Personally I prefer the mapping according to the Cubase overlay sheet, as it contains the functionalities I use the most, thus is very efficient & time saving.

If you have already installed AZ Controller, you can add this SPP file via the Import button in the Cakewalk Plugin Manager.

Not exactly being a programmer myself, I do need some help with a few minor things: I hope AZSlow3 or boblev can help.

1. The knob above the fader wasn't fully mapped, so I've created hardware controls VPotPush1 thru 8. When I push the knob, I'd like to set the balance for the selected track to 0 (center). How do I do that? (what should be in my action list)

2. I've mapped F5 and F6 to toggle Automation Read and Automation Write on the selected channel. This works fine, but I'd very much like to see the LEDs of these buttons work as well. Can you help me with this? This, by the way, is only required for the 'overlay:Cubase' presets; the others don't have this functionality.

Have fun with the presets; I hope they are of any use to readers out there, and I hope I can get some help with the 2 questions above.

UPDATE 29-08-2019: the earlier attached PDF describing the Cubase layout had a few inconsistencies (marker buttons had wrong description). Attached correct PDF.

Kind regards,

Hi All,

Starting from the base Boblev and Jashk@ made, and with help from AZSlow, I've modified the preset to go with my workflow as well as some nifty shortcuts (in PDF).

I've sorted the two questions above Jashk@, as well as the tracks / busses context switching which was the big deal for me (Thanks AZSlow), so you can copy them out of my preset into yours :)

Hope this latest iteration is of use to folks,

Cheers all


Thank you all for this great preset! I bought a X-Touch One and with this preset and AZController I can get so much more benefit of the controller!

I'm trying to modify it for my personal needs (if wanted I can post it on this forum when it is finished, I'm going to create a printable overlay for the device as well) and I've got a couple of questions. Hopefully someone is able to help me.

- I see several conditions based on M2, M3 and M4. Are they actually used or how can I (easily) see how and/or when they are used?
- I see several "Detached XX" Logical controls (eg Detached 60). Can they be removed savely? Or am I missing it purpose?

Many thanks in advance!

M1, M2, etc. are "user" created. You can see current state in the "Overview" Tab.
In AZ Controller there is no dedicated modified switches. But anything can modify current State of some Set. From quick check
some Detached controls do this.

In the "Options" Tab, click on "Export" and select "Text preset". Then you can check in any text editor where particular sets (f.e. "M3") is used and
what can switch it.

You can remove any control, including Detached. Don't forget to "clean" it first (remove all Actions in it). But it can be some of them are useful, if re-attached
to a button.

Wow, thank you for your quick response!

Didn't think of the Export button, but that's a great help! I'll export the preset and will check the text file for references for state usage.

Thank you!


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