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Import/export of preset files (in .txt format)



On the Options tab of AZ Controller, there are import/export buttons which -I assume- are used to export and import all settings of my surface. I managed to export my settings as .txt file, so I could watch and explore them in my text editor. However, when I try to import the file again, a dialog pops up saying the file is invalid or corrupted. This also happens if I didn't even change/modify the text file.

 This occurs in AZControl 0.5r8 b398.

Is this a known problem? Or can you please have a look at it? To me it's not urgent, but it would be a great help for me to explore and make minor adjustments to the presets outside AZ Controller.

Kind regards,

Text form export is for information purpose only, there is no import from that format...


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