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yes this moron needs help,

I have purchased a Novation Launch Control XL and what I wanted to do was to just use the sliders to ad some expression to my strings/brass (eg if anyone has seen Christian Henson using a fader controller for his strings -like that)- my keyboard has no mod wheel or sliders
I'm also using Sonar X3.I have tried using ACT but it just seems to have a mind of its own so I tried installed the AZ controller which is working but I how do i change the midi ccs ?
Launch Control  slider 1 starts at midi cc 77 and so on,Ive saved a template in the Control XL editor which has  CC 1,7,11 but all i seem to get is from Midi CC 77-78- and so on in AZ Controller
Please help as my brain is starting to die and this is not one of my strong points.

I assume you use some VSTi (software instrument) or hardware synth and you want control it throw MIDI (MIDI learn or some standard CCs like 1/7 which it supports).
I just mention that because most VSTi support automation parameters, which also can be controlled/recorded. But the procedure and signal route is completely different in that case.

1) using Lauch Control Editor you need to create required template. With required CCs on faders.
2) upload it to the device, into some User Preset
3) select that user preset on the device. In case you want to use AZ Controller for DAW controlling in parallel, CCs should not clash with the template used for AZ Controller. Also AZ Controller can automatically load particular preset. All that is possible to change, but I recommend completely remove AZ Controller from Sonar configuration till you can do what you want with the sound
4) configure MIDI input on the track in question to Omni. Since you want your keyboard and Lauch Control feeding it in parallel.

Hi there,my brain is melting

Do you know how I would go about assigning these faders to control expression / vibrato / dynamics (its for only 3 faders for cc1,21,11), I just cant seem to get it right.It seems to work briefly but I'm all over the shop and I just seem to be getting more confused. I'm using Kontakt in sonar X3 .I seem to make some progress then I'm changing the panning,or  it seems to change more than one track stops or if I record it wont record the expression, just the notes.

Start with one MIDI track, can be without any instrument. Record faders movements and check in the Event list what was recorded.

I repeat, remove AZ Controller (and any other Control Surface) from Sonar preferences. That can interfere with what you are doing.

Check the manual how to set predictable Template on the device. Note that tarting other DAWs (f.e. Ableton) can change current preset.

Ok so far have worked out my strings in Kontakt,Ive just assigned the controllers in the individual instruments to the Channels already associated with Launch Control XL
EW Play though still has me stumped


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