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STL Tonality Howard Benson Guitar Plug-In Suite


Howard Benson Guitar Plug-In Suite from STL Tones. Commercial high quality guitar amps, stomps and cabs with named sound signature.
Providing realistic sound of particular hardware is a hard job. And the target of this plug-in is a good sound without compromises.
That is reflected in the price and in the number of emulated devices.

There is no demo version, but you can listen audio examples on STL Tonality site.

STL Tones has supported the development of this overlay.

Functionality coverage

All controls have context help. Press F1 for audition which keys can be used with particular control.

Bank and preset controls allow loading, saving, coping and deletion of banks and presets. Use left and right arrows to select required operation and enter to perform it.

Signal section allows changing mono/stereo mode, set input and output levels, enable and set the gate. User left and right arrows to select the control, up and down arrows to change levels. Press enter to toggle Gate enable switch or open mode list.

The plug-in has 3 pages: amps, pedals and cabs. Press enter when some page is selected with left and right arrows to toggle the power of corresponding equipment. On Amps page use up and down arrow to choose one from 5 available amps. Tabbing into Amp page allows tuning amp parameters. As in other controls, select particular parameter with left and right arrows and change the value with up and down arrows. You can use Shift+Up or Down arrows for fine tuning. Switches are toggled by enter.

There are 3 fixed stomp boxes in the pedals section, with the same controlling approach as for amps. Please do not forget that in addition to individual power switches for each stomp there is a global one in the page control.

In the cabs page you can select one from 5 buil-in cabs. Or you can select ext cab and load own impulse response. There are no tunable parameters for cabs.

Excuse my level of English, I'm from Spain and I'm using the google translator.
I have a problem with Siviac and STL Tonality Howar Venson.
I am using Reaper version 633 and Osara 2021-580. Also, I use StL Tonality 1.02b.

Is there a problem with Siviac to use STL Tonality? It doesn't work for me.
I insert the plugin as a dedicated process and when the bridge opens, I can't do anything. The message that appears is Not available.

I can use EZDrummer without problem.

If anyone could help me with the plugin to be able to play the guitar I would be very grateful.

I will check, but not right now.


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