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EZ Mix 2
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Toontrack EZ Mix 2 is a preset based channel strip. While imitating several FXes, only one or two parameters are manually controllable. The rest is defined by preset developers. The plug-in itself and presets packs can be found on
There is a demo version. It works 15 minutes in session and does not support saving the state. But it can be immediately re-inserted after deletion.

Functionality coverage

For demo mode:
* you will get "Session will expire" at the beginning, tab to close button and press Enter
* after 15 minutes Sibiac will announce Demo expiration. You can not close it by escape, but Alt+F4 works.

For expected by developers result, input signal should be properly leveled. Sibiac overlay does not provide access to the input level control of the plug-in. You can level using OSARA parameters dialog, but better level on REAPER level before inserting the plug-in.

  • Tab control allows to select with arrows which preset list you want to use.
  • Button to expand or collapse filter table. In case some filters are already set, that is announced. The filter list can be cleaned pressing Delete key
  • When filter table is expanded, it allows limit the list of presets. Navigate between categories with left and right arrows, in case some filters are selected within current category, that is announced. Press Delete key to clear selection. Navigate inside a category using up and down arrows. Already selected filters are announced as such. Toggle selection by pressing Enter. Note that current selection can change available options in this and other categories. Also current search text limits the lists. Filter settings are separate for "All presets" and "Favorites". Which categories are present in the table can be changed in options
  • Search box allows filter presets by text. Also influence filters. Press Enter to start editing end Enter to end editing. Note that some keys, f.e. space, can leak into REAPER. You can use unusual combination, f.e. Shift+Space, to avoid that
  • In the preset selection control you may change presets using up and down arrows. Categories of the current preset can be auditioned with left and right arrows. The category "Effects" audition the number and types of effects. Initially set to what was selected before, and so independent from filtering and searching, it allows to change presets to filtered only. When current preset is not within filter range, its categories are not exposed.
  • up to two preset specific controls allow change preset parameters. Use Up and Down arrows for coarse changes. Use them with Shift for fine changes. Pressing Enter audition current parameter and its value.
  • Favorite button reports whether current preset is in favorites. You can add it by pressing Enter. If preset is in favorites and you are in the favorites list, pressing Enter opens menu where you can rename the preset or delete it from favorites.
  • Input and Output control input gain and output volume using Up and Down arrows. Current signal level is also auditioned during correction, you can press Enter to audiotion it separately. Clipping is announced also for some time after it really happens. Please not that these level meters are not accurate
  • Options Menu button opens pop-up menu. It is possible to set which columns/categories should be exposed in the filter table and for current preset
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