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For alpha-testers (what should be checked)


Please check the following:

* the project structure / folder / buses. Does something looks incorrect?
* approximate mix parameters (volumes, pans, sends)
* from the list of FXes and Synth which can work in Reaper in general, report (a) which are crashing/not loading after conversion (b) which do not restore preset.
For all FXes and Synth which are not standard for Sonar and have problems, I will need the following:
1) create a one synth/one track with FX in question in Sonar, load some preset (do NOT modify it manually!). Save as cwp.
2) create one track with FX in question in Reaper, load THE SAME preset. Save as RPP.
3) upload both files (NO audio) to somewhere and send me the link.

* (if something could be converted)after conversion, in ReaCWP dialog, do you see (marked by "!") number of parser, converter bugs, errors and/or warnings?
In general, to trace problems fast, I will at some point need secure place to upload files. Any ideas are welcome (files hoster / PHP based server / etc.). So something with a possibility to upload cwp and send me the link to it (but not to everyone, till you want share your normal projects with the world  ;) ).
I explicitly promise to NOT SAVE OR USE any project shared with me, except for (and during the time of) finding conversion mistakes.




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