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ACT mapping tips
« on: May 28, 2014, 08:57:32 PM »

Tip: ACT mapping is saved in User's "Application Data/Cakewalk/ACT Data"
directory, genericpluginparams.xml (just mapping) and
sonaract.xml (per surface ) files.
You may want to backup these files before ACT manipulations.
genericpluginparams.xml is common for all surfaces, it specifies the type and the
order of ACT parameters to control. sonaract.xml has information for each surface you are using.

Tip: Delete SONARX1genericpluginparams.xml, SONARX1act.xml, SONARX2genericpluginparams.xml, SONARX2act.xml and sonaract.xml, so delete ALL xml files you see in this directory except genericpluginparams.xml. You may want to create empty sonaract.xml file, depending either you prefer to use "ACT Learn" without tricks. This step is essential in any case

Tip: In ACT Learn mode, first touch parameters and then controls.
Do not other way around or in mixed order. Displayed number of parameters
is the "Do you want to save" dialog can be wrong. See ACT mapping order bug.
Reason: If some control is already assigned to some parameter,
touching that control is also touching the parameter.
Fix: only Cakewalk can fix that (common for all surfaces).
Mentioned in IDL "...only a touch is required to learn..." is not

Tip: in Sonar "ACT Learn" does not work for VST3.
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