Author Topic: iCON Platform M+ and AZ Mackie Control support  (Read 6851 times)

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iCON Platform M+ and AZ Mackie Control support
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:39:31 AM »
AZ Controller Version 0.5r5b370
Tweak current configuration: IQP (Mack... Control Variation)
iCON Platform M+, Platform D


there are some issues which are different to MackieControl surface dll:

1. move channel ">|" to left did not clear display last entry if no more tracks available and shows always the values of last moved track. e.g. a project with only 3 tracks shows "Track1 Track2 Track3" on display, but after move with left the display shows now "Track2 Track3 Track3" and at last "Track3 Track3 Track3"
2. MackieControl.dll did not move channels or tracks <= 8 and last possible track is always shown on left channel display position if more than 8 tracks are used.
3. "Sel" button shows full selected track name info and after a delay it switches back to previous display info, but if the track info was longer than the previous display info, this part was not cleared, because the full selected track name was not cleared before after a delay, only replaced with previos display info.
4. "Loop On/Off" button Ch: 1 N:86 is assigned to "Select" but should be assigned to "LoopOnOff" as on Mackie Control standard
5. MackieControl.dll shows a compressed 7 digit info, to get a better channel overview.
-  AZ Control shows  "MT-PoDKVB-1 2 RealGu2TruePi1Organ32OP-XP-2Saurus3DVSSax2"
-  MackieControl.dll shows "MTPwrD VB-1 2 RlGtr2 TrPns1 Orgn32 OPXPI2 Saurs3 DVSSx2 "

i have tried to make some modifications, but i had not found any solution to fix it.
i don't know, but it seems the mackie control logic have to be improved?

maybe you have time to support, i can help you with testing ...

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Re: iCON Platform M+ and AZ Mackie Control support
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 04:01:17 PM »
IQP is generated by the same code as my Mack... The last was more like a prove of concept for complex presets. In addition I have tried (I must admit unsuccessfully) to trick TouchDAW Phone version to display the information correctly (it relays on original Sonar plug-in display update sequence) and so related code is overcomplicated without real reason. And finally the preset was made long before I had complicated presets "simplifiers" like functions and parametric monitors.

Near half a year ago I have checked that X-Touch color display can be used. So in Mackie TODO, the first step is to update my Networking code to support XCrl (Behringer protocol for X-Air/X-Touch) and then completely rewrite Mackie preset generator to support original unit, iCON and X-Touch.

Unfortunately I have spread my limited free time between AZController itself, writing new presets and accessibility (large and endless) activities, so I barely move throw my TODO list.

Yet another project has the priority now. I am tired to create more and more complicated preset without easy way to test them. I am going to write a device emulator, which can exactly emulate all devices I want. Nice GUI is not important but it should give graphical representation of any device with exact MIDI behavior, so what TouchDAW Tablet does for Mackie, the flexibility of Lemur, all related controls and protocols support, running under Windows... I have tried to adopt existing tools (TouchDAW, CtrLr, TouchOSC), but that does not work well. Producers will not send me devices, I am not ready to spend my own money and I do not want make the project commercial (will not work in any case, the number of users is insufficient). So I need that tool...

So I am not sure when I have time to rewrite Mackie preset, sorry.

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Re: iCON Platform M+ and AZ Mackie Control support
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2017, 05:27:52 PM »
No problem, at the moment i have returned my iCON Platform M+ Controller and have to wait for the new one.
now i have reworked and optimized my iCON iControls preset and it's ready to use for Platform M+ adaption.
i think most of them should already work and it needs adaptions for the display and the other function should also be easy to integrate.