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X-Touch Xctl Mode test
« on: March 13, 2017, 12:07:37 PM »
Comes from discussion on Cakewalk forum... An attempt to use Xctl mode of X-Touch, primary for setting strip colors.

1. Install Test version of  AZ Controller from Downloads
2. Download and install attached preset (using Cakewalk Plug-in Manager from Utilities menu)
3. Add AZ Controller as Control Surface, point In/Out toward X-Touch (see later), REMOVE any other plug-in working with X-Touch

How to test
Open AZ Controller interface (Utilities menu), load X-Touch Test preset (top left window corner), switch to the "Overview" tab.
You will probably see "Device(Offline)" here.
If you see "Device(Online)", that is great, at least something is working. Then check the display on X-Touch. Do you see "Green" (as green) and "Blue" (as blue) ? Then the test is over and successful. Just report that.

If not (most probably). Switch to "Logic" tab, you should see "((None)) Test". Without selecting anything in the "Action list", press "Play" button. Any changes on X-Touch Display?

If not working so far...
Put X-Touch into pure Xctl mode (you can also try Xctl/MCU combined). How? I have no idea, RE documentation states that is somehow possible... probably can be found in instructions how to connect X-Touch with X-Air.

Connect X-Touch using MIDI cables instead of USB and update Control Surface Input/Output.

Still no luck? Let me know, I will dig more...

Note, just for clarity: I do not have the device so I am unable to test anything. I can only make it running in case someone else cooperate with me.

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