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Some MIDI files which thought to be used for Karaoke have lyrics in format Sonar does not recognize as the lyrics.
Such files have a separate track with not audible "Text" events. You can see them in the Event View, but not in the Staff or Lyrics view.

It is for sure possible to convert such files prior opening them in Sonar, but it was not possible to do the conversion inside it.
This MIDI FX plug-in, originated from this discussion can help to solve that problem.


* Close Sonar
* Download and run the installer
How to use

* Open MIDI file with Lyrics in separate track
* Click (select) the MIDI clip in this track
* Right click it, select "Process effect..." / "MIDI Effects" / "AZ Text2Lyrics". In the dialog click "Ok".
* After that you should be able to see the text in the Lyrics ViewBut it is still not attached to the melody and so it does not look nice in the Staff View (it will be shown as a separate track).

So I recommend to copy that clip into the melody track, merging notes with Lyrics (look the documentation how to merge 2 MIDI clips in Sonar). You should get a good Staff view then, with the melody and the lyrics under it.


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